Yamaha CS80 Trig Board

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According to the listing: "There are 22 of 26 IG00151 chips on this board. These currently sell for $39 each on eBay, used. So theoretically this board would be worth $800. you got yourself a steal with this one."

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  • via this auction

    Posting for the pics.  Note the board is missing the CEM chips per the listing:

    "It contains 4 voices total and is the lower tray board. All CEM Chips have been removed, however the board was tested functional with the chips. It may require additional calibration or tuning."

  • Sequence 15 has a post up on the dreaded faulty voice problem of the Roland Juno-106. It's worth a look if you have or are considering a Juno-106, or if you are just curious about the problem. You'll find more shots of the inside of the Juno-106.Pictured:"The long green board on the left is the module board, which is where all of the sound generation circuitry is. (The smaller green board

  • It's like a synthesizer. It's a red board with red nobs encased in black. It's something called and Infinity board, or Infinituum board, or something like that. Please help.

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