Xaoc Devices Sewastopol II

Published on Jan 12, 2018 Xaoc Devices

"Sewastopol is a multifunction eurorack module designed for easy interfacing of external gear to your modular environment.
It can export line and professional level audio, import audio from instruments and electroacoustic transducers, and analyze the
incoming audio to generate voltages and triggers to control your modular system.
This is a second, vastly

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    "The very nice multi-functional 'Sewastopol' from XAOC Devices. You've got FX send and return, audio import, audio export (both with level adjustment) a very responsive envelope follower and a comparator with gate and trigger outputs.

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  • jonne ollakka posted a photo:

    Moskwa bi-polar rotosequencer by XAOC Devices

    8 step sequencer module, by XAOC, for my modular synthesizer.

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    "It was great to meet the guys at XAOC Devices at Superbooth, I'm a big fan of their products already. Here they take us through Praga which is ready ... finally! The new analogue to digital system Drezno and Lipsk. Then the new dual VCA and distortion Tallin and updates to the Tirana and Sewastopol."

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