X1L3 - Vevoyah - Walkthrough - Power electronics and harsh noise

Published on Aug 12, 2017

"A tutorial on the workings of the vevoyah as a hands on noise, texture and glitch generator. Covering how the different elements work together in creating noise walls, PE textures and system crash garbage, and how to get to know them better.

To those searching for guidance on the dark path, i hope this helps you find your way :)

Built in small

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  • Published on Mar 25, 2016 manufacturedZ3R0 .

    "Vevoyah - drone/pe/hnw/abstract synth/resonant filter/delay........

    Hand built noise synth built around an atari punk console. with cv in to the filter cutoff, an external audio input and midi control of the oscillator over 12 notes.

    Analog 4 drum sequence at the external input. Filter cutoff is being sequenced by the A4's CV out. The input is

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    "Demo of the midi control on vevoyah and a somewhat chip tune sounding cover version. Composing on two of them has an almost tracker feel to it, getting what you can out of two voices and pulling off some ultra fast notation, chopping and changing between the two of them for modulation effects and so on.

    All sounds are either direct from the vevoyah

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    "A trip through the hellscape. 25 minutes of power electronics and harsh noise.

    Hard abuse of the delay and ruiner with a diy random cv modulator plugged in at the filter cv input.

    You know the drill. Like the strap on... If you hate it then i probably already know. If you like it then i get that also and so do you :)

    13 raw circuit bends - extreme

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