Waldorf Microwave II Rack Mount Synthesizer

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  • You are looking at serial number #1 of the Waldorf Microwave limited green edition. This one is indeed real, and not a "Matrixynth Edition." : ) Title link takes you to the thread on synthforum.nl where this was posted. BTW, the post is for the unit for sale - 475 Euros.Also pictured: Waldorf Rack Attack and Waldorf Wave.

  • Click here to view the embedded video.
    This audio comparison pits the hybrid analogy synth Waldorf MicroWave I against the digital (DSP-based) Waldorf MicroWave II.
    Which sounds better to you?

    via retrosound72:
    A comparsion of the Waldorf Microwave I Rev. A (hybrid synth with analog curtis filter CEM3389 from the year 1989) and the Waldorf Microwave II (DSP based synth from the year 1997).
    A demo with absolute identical sound programs (basses, pads, wavetable sounds, bells, fx sounds…)

  • images via this auction. I forget how many of these were made, but they were an official limited release Microwave by Waldorf.

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