::vtol:: until I die

::vtol:: until I die from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

"This installation operates on unique batteries that generate electricity using my blood. The electric current produced by the batteries powers a small electronic algorithmic synth module. This module creates generative sound composition that plays via a small speaker. The blood used in the installation was stored up gradually over 18 months. The

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    The main idea of this project is to present exhibition visitors with the chance to destroy any object that might happen to be on their person, in order to transform it into a unique sound production. The installation consists of five hydraulic presses, capable of crushing

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    Pattern analysis - VVVV

    Video generators and processors - DIY Cellular Automata Video synth (code by critter and guitari), ::vtol:: tv-404

    Sound - DIY synths, Clavia Nord Modular g2, 6-channel sound system

    Other equipment - steel, motors, plastic, DIY

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