Vintage Kurzweil 250 / K-250 Sampler Synthesizer Keyboard SN 87101512

Published on Mar 12, 2018 Synthle Simon

via this auction

"In very good cosmetic condition and functioning well. Needs some expert attention. Keybed is great and keys are level. Felt is still good. All keys sound and all sample presets play. Some buttons and sliders need work. Volume slider doesn’t affect volume. It sounds like the potentiometer is stuck wide open. I am not proficient with

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  • I bought a 61 keys synthesizer because i thought 61 keys would be more then enough. Then i realized i need 88 keys for a lot of songs i would like to play. So what i want is an 88 keys keyboard that would have a really good piano sound and pretty much nothing more, just so i can play some songs for which i need 88 keys. I don't want another synthesizer with 1000 sounds or such, just a keyboard with a good piano sound and nothing else. What would you think is the best choice?

  • I've got little experience with keys, and I don't even own any keyboards or synthesizers but I play piano. Does anyone know what the "tones" are there for? What do they do and how what buttons do you press to play them? I only know how to play different instruments.

    And I'm thinking about picking up keys but does anyone know what is a good keyboard for synth/computer sounds? Like "Kelsey" by Metro Station or "Give Him Up" by Faber Drive.

  • Christmas is around the corner and I really want to play the electric keys. When I was younger (around 7 I played for 4 years). I am seventeen now and want to start playing again but on a keyboard. I know Yamaha and Casio are two good models. I am trying to spend between 100-250$ (are there even good ones for less than $100?). I want one with a good amount of rhythms, pitches, and one that can alter the sound of the keys (such as synthesizers and whatnot). Any suggestions? Thanks!

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