Vintage Korg Polysix Analog Synthesizer SN 466466

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"This polysix is in good working shape. It was a victim of battery corrosion and had a clone KLM-367 installed with a new battery. It also had the keyboard scaler replaced. The voices are pretty in tune, there is room for improvement. Also, the filter cutoff isn't perfectly adjusted on all of the voices. I adjusted both by ear because I don't have an oscilloscope but it should

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  • via this auction. Note the battery has not been replaced on this one. KORG Polysix's are notorious for leaky batteries that fry the traces on their circuit boards. It's usually not a matter of if it will happen, but when. I'd be surprised if this one did not already have a leaky battery. You can read more about the promlem and the fix on Old Crow's Synth Shop. Note if the board is fried you

  • Title link takes you to shots via this auction.Note this one suffered from the infamous batter leak. If you have a Polysix and have not checked out the battery, do so. You can read more about the fix here.

  • via this auction

    "The KLM367 board had a battery leak ( very common ) and it was restored by vintage synth specialist at SDmachines in Miami. The old Rechargeable NiCad battery was removed and replaced with a lithium battery and diode combination that does not leak and is good for many years. Also, Two of the 74LS08 chips were replaced (these chips are known for dying in a polysix), along

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