Vintage CT-401 Casio Casiotone 401 Synthesizer Keyboard

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    This is a vintage flexidisc from Casio introducing the Casiotone 202 Electronic keyboard, their second ever.
    1981 Casiotone 202 Demo Record
    via jafafah0ts

  • "a short Rhytm Sequence through the real Analogfilter.This Casio Keyboard is very rare to find,and it is better then Casio MT 68,Casio MT68 because there are only Preset Sounds."Casiotone CT-410V Part.2"First i have played some with Pipe Organ Sound with the fantastic Casio Stereo chorus , it tunes like a "Roland"Stereochorus,Drums are normal,later Drums through the Filter,Pipes Sound normal

  • Neil Vance posted a photo:

    Casiotone MT-400V & MT-65

    New addition to the casio collective! The bonkers 1984 MT-400V.
    Perhapes Casio's most interesting & craziest little keyboard!
    Similar to it's 1983 MT-65 brother above. But
    It has a real analogue filter that can also take an aux sound input.

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