Univox Mini Korg K-1 SN 2804

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"Vintage synth in good working condition. All controls and keys are fully functional. Normal signs of wear around the wooden sides (photos). Slider switch tip for Attack is missing and has been replaced."

Some pics of the inside trim pots below.

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    "Vintage Univox Maxi-Korg K-3 synthesizer in working condition. Cosmetic condition is pretty solid considering its age. Some wear to the wood, but no major cosmetic damage. Some of the plastic switch tips are missing, but all of the actual toggle switches & sliders are present. I am not all that familiar with this particular synth, however, I spent an hour playing around

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    "Fully Serviced Moog Sonic Six in 100% functional condition.

    Internally, the power supply has been rebuilt, all electrolytic and tantalum capacitors replaced and various internal trim pots replaced for better stability. Also, the key bushings were replaced and all switches, pots and the keybed buss bar and j-wires were cleaned. It is fully calibrated and the tuning has been

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    "This is a rare black model. Fully functional and in great used vintage condition. Recently all 60 keys were tuned with a peterson strobe tuner. It was pretty close, now it's spot on. It has one oscillator per key and offers full polyphony (para-phonic.) See photos for condition. Has normal signs of use for a vintage instrument but is in fantastic condition for it's age

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