Ultimate Percussion K2-X Tech Walkthrough and Voltage Conversion

Published on Nov 12, 2017 Synthesizer Keith

"In this video I convert the power supply on an Ultimate Percussion K2-X drum module from 240 V to 120 V."

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    "This video is a tech walkthrough of the Simmons SDSV drum module, including a 220 to 110 volt power supply conversion."

  • Ultimate Percussion K2 [Electronic Percussion synthesizer] from HoltzElectro on Vimeo.

    "Ultimate Percussion K2 triggered via 'Modul8 midi to trig'.
    No effect, no mix, no master."

    via O'Funk Robb in the comments of this post.

  • via this auction

    This is the one featured in this video.

    "Ultimate Percussion K2-X Analog Synthesizer System
    8 Channel drum/synth with built in sequencer.

    Nice analogue drum module. Very different to Simmons and Tama units. Has 8 individual channels/sounds. Can be triggered by a CV sequencer or other drum triggers (not included). Each channel/sound has its own input trigger and individual

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