Tom Oberheim SEM Pro SN 0534

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  • via this auction"Oberheim Voltage Controlled Filter This is a rather rare pedal. It has modes for either an Envelope Follower Filter or a Sample and Hold Filter Made by one of the Original Analog Synthesizer Companies and Tom Oberheim! From the designers of the Oberheim: SEM Oberheim 8 Voice OB-8 The Expander and Matrix 12 as well as the rest of the Matrix Series. Please note... the filter in

  • Remember the Oberheim 2 Voice Sequencer Demo posted here? Apparently it's up for auction. Title link takes you to a couple more shots and the following is one more video followed by a couple of links listed in the auction.Oberheim 2 Voice demo 1More information about the 2 voice: (previously posted)

  • Title link takes you to shots via this auction.MP3s, Info and other Links: * Oberheim Matrix 6R Audio Workshop MP3 Demo * DJ Grumpph MP3 Demo * Harmony Central Oberheim Matrix 6R Review * Matrix 6R PDF Manual * Overcracker Matrix Parameter Sheet, Programming Guide and Patches * Wolzo Oberheim Matrix Info (Nice Site!)

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