Theremin Noodle - Moog Theremin , Elecktron Analog Keys + Fairlight Strings

Published on Oct 28, 2017 100 Things I Do

"A quick noodle with the Theremin, I used a little loop on the Elektron Analog Keys and some Fairlight strings to give a little interest. I also added some keys thanks to the Arturia Piano-V.

I have had the Moog Theremin for a few years but one of the problems is it needs a LOT of space around it to be played well. My studio is a converted master

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  • YouTube via ooo6."Aprés Un Rêve (After A Dream) by Gabriel Fauré. Enjoy. Randy George, theremin The piano was played by tadasuke from Vocalise piano tracks, Masami Takeuchi and Mandarin Electron Co., Ltd. If you don't know what a theremin is please look it up on Wikipedia. It is fascinating to say the least. I'll be here, cooking up some more music soon:"

  • Bob Moog

    Without Bob Moog's fascination with the theremin and deep respect for it's players we might well not be here today discussing playing the aether.

    Here's an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry for him:
    Dr. Robert Arthur Moog (pronounced moug to rhyme with "vogue")
    (May 23, 1934 – August 21, 2005)

    Robert Moog constructed his own theremin as early as 1949.

  • Click here to view the embedded video.
    Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s something a little different – a Surbahar And MIDI Theremin jam.
    The theremin is being controlled by the proximity of the surbahar to the pitch antenna.

    via copperleaves:
    This is a short improvisation for surbahar and Moog MIDI Ethervox theremin. This surbahar was made for me many years ago by the Indian luthier Kanai Lal.
    The theremin, which is used here as a kind of “movable drone” is being played purely by the proximity of the neck of the surbahar to the vertical (pitch) antenna. Theremin volume is controlled by a small knob on the floor next to me.

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