TEM mini Sound Patches & TEM mini vs DSI Mopho & Arturia MicroBrute

Published on Feb 13, 2018 Jan Zatloukal

Follow-up to this post.

TEM mini is 100% analog synth with two oscillators and 24dB low-pass filter inspired by MiniMOOG. There are lot of settings posibilities. Made by experienced synth maker in Czech Republic. There are some sound patches. Parameters and price are below patches list.


0:06 - Bass Plug
0:31 - Acid Bass
0:56 - Bass Taurus


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    "TEM mini is great synth inspired vy Minimoog. It's made by experienced synth-maker in Czech republic.

    ● Monophonic analog synthesizer
    ● 2 oscillators (wave, triangle, saw, square, pulse)
    ● Both

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    You receive 64 patches divided in 8 categories (the program genre button will change the category): MARS - pads, BASS - bass sounds, LEAD - lead sounds, ARP - arpeggiators,

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