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  • GR-1 Demo: Creative sounds (HDMI screen captures)

    Published on Sep 3, 2017 Tasty Chips

    GR-1 demo: Stand-alone "play mode"

    You might remember the Tasty Chips GR1 from previous posts here. The following are the details and pics via the Kickstarter campaign.

    "The GR-1 is a hardware polyphonic granular synthesizer in a class of its own. The GR-1 is capable of creating textures,

  • flickr by Collin Mel
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  • via this auction

    "This auction is for a Tasty Chips Electronics "Saw Bench" boutique analog monosynth in full working order and excellent physical condition.

    This is the pre-built version purchased directly from the manufacturer. Power supply is included.

    A highly portable and affordable monosynth, with a 100% analog signal path.


    • Small and portable, yet very ergonomic. Focus

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