Dear Satellite by Callenberg Featuring 12 Tracks of the Yamaha CS70M

Dear Satellite by Callenberg

via Callenberg:


Here is an album featuring a Yamaha CS70M synthesizer on all twelve tracks, plus some other gear. Songs and fragments of electronica/ ambient/ drone and perhaps post rock. Hope you like it. Cheers! "

The release is available as a digital download or limited edition CD on BandCamp.

Elektron Interview with John Chowning, the Father of FM Synthesis & How to Explain FM to a Child

Elektron recently announced the Digitone Digital FM Synthesizer. They've posted an interview with the creator of FM synthesis, John Chowning, on Elektronauts here. The following is the beginning excerpt including how John would explain FM synthesis to a child, meaning anyone new to FM synthesis.  :)  Note when he mentions vibrato depth increasing he is referring to one operator or oscillator

Yamaha CS-50 SN 3003

via this auction

"4-voice little brother of the mighty CS-80, serviced and in excellent working order.

Recently worked on for us by a top synth tech. Full service report available if required.

This Yamaha CS-50 is for sale in very good condition overall. It has minor signs of age and use across the unit. Important to note that all of the slider caps (the top row of controls) have been

Pure Data with Yamaha TX7

Published on Jan 25, 2018 Ariel Raguet

"Pure Data controlling a Yamaha TX7 module."


Side note: The TX7 was a desktop wedge version of the DX7 minus the ability to program it via the front panel. You could however program it via MIDI, or rather a DX7, when it was released. You can now edit it via external editors like Pure Data in this case. It was my second synth after the Oberheim

NAMM 2018: Yamaha Montage OS 2.0

Published on Jan 25, 2018 sonicstate

"Yamaha Montage OS 2.0 walkthrough with Blake DeAngelo"

See this post for the press release.

Yamaha Introduces Montage 2.0 OS Update Featuring MOTIF Compatibility & More

Published on Jan 25, 2018 Yamaha Corporation

"Yamaha MONTAGE OS Version 2.0 Adds MOTIF Compatibility, New Control and Workflow Enhancements

ANAHEIM (January 25, 2018) — Yamaha today released MONTAGE OS version 2.0, the fourth free firmware update to its flagship synthesizer line. Yamaha has continuously updated MONTAGE with new content as well as sound, control and workflow enhancements.

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