Yamaha TX-16W Brochure

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Yamaha QX-21 Brochure

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1/7/18: House Music -Mutes and Solos- MPC LIVE, DX7, TR-909, KORG M1R, ROLAND Integra

Published on Jan 7, 2018 80's Electronic Music Production

"Here, i have created a few sequences using the MPC Live. I am changing sequences live, along with muting and soloing tracks. The instruments used are: Yamaha DX7, Korg M1R, Roland TR-909, and Roland Integra"

X1L3 - Circuit bent Yamaha DD-10 - R3 - Pitch and filter CV automation

Published on Jan 5, 2018 manufacturedZ3R0

"Third and final DD10 revision. Added CV control over pitch. Mostly robots doing the work here. The only laying on of hands being laying off of the delay at the end.

The DD is being triggered via midi from the daw and CV is coming in on two channels via a yarns midi to CV interface in the euro rig to animate the pitch and filter cutoff of the DD10.

Marcus Padrini - Influences (Synth Track)

Published on Jan 4, 2018 Marcus Padrini

"A synth track with a lot of musical influences from the past, like Progressive Rock, instrumental rock and maybe a little bit of video games. Recorded live using:

Roland MC-808: MIDI Sequencer and Drums
Korg Radias: Synth Brass
Moog Sub 37: Synth Lead 1
Arp Odyssey: Synth Lead 2
Yamaha DX7: Synth Bass
Nord Stage 2ex: Piano"

YAMAHA VL1 Version 2 Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer w/ BC2 breath controller SN KIO006

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"Tone Generator/ Type S/VA (Self-oscillating Virtual Acoustic Synthesis).
Modifiers Harmonic Enhancer Dynamic Filter (LPF, HPF, BPF, BEF, with resonance) Equalizer (5 bands with frequency, resonance, and boost/ cut control). Impulse Expander. Resonator.
Effects 32-bit digital signal processor, stereo in/ stereo out. Modulation effects (flanger, pitch change, distortion). Feed

sismo session #1

sismo session #1 from sismo on Vimeo.

"'sismo sessions' get close to the sismo synths in action.
Gear at the session #1:
- Casio SK1: multiple percussion, previously sampled from Yamaha QY10
- Yamaha QY10: Bass drum
- Korg SQ1: send the MIDI out to Yamaha QY10, CV to Sismo Little Bird and Sismo Zer0A
- Sismo Zer0A: main synth sound
- Sismo Little Bird: optical noise sound
- Casio PT82: some

Yamaha CS-80 Near Mint

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"Near mint example of the granddaddy of all synthesizers. Not a spec of dust in any of the slider tracks, everything works as it should, including the pitch bender strip. Always kept in a smoke free environment. Stored in a climate controlled environment.shrink wrapped and covered.

The pictures do not do this item justice. When you open the case it looks like it was just built

Yamaha CS80 Trig Board

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According to the listing: "There are 22 of 26 IG00151 chips on this board. These currently sell for $39 each on eBay, used. So theoretically this board would be worth $800. you got yourself a steal with this one."

Yamaha EX5: How to create a virtual analog lead sound

Published on Jan 1, 2018 Alex S.


1. Yamaha EX5 - Part One: Overview and playing some selected patches

2. Yamaha EX5: How to create a virtual analog lead sound

It's the second part in my series of videos on the Yamaha EX5. Here, I'm creating a sound using the virtual analog synth in this workstation, explaining most of the tools on the way. Contents:

Intro 0:00
Bla bla 1:27

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