X1L3 - Circuit bent Yamaha DD-10 - R3 - Pitch and filter CV automation

Published on Jan 5, 2018 manufacturedZ3R0

"Third and final DD10 revision. Added CV control over pitch. Mostly robots doing the work here. The only laying on of hands being laying off of the delay at the end.

The DD is being triggered via midi from the daw and CV is coming in on two channels via a yarns midi to CV interface in the euro rig to animate the pitch and filter cutoff of the DD10.

X1L3 - circuit bent Casio PT-50 with midi retrofit - C64 Knuckle Busters theme

Published on Dec 29, 2017 manufacturedZ3R0

"Robots and casiotones. Casio PT50 with midi retrofit doing a by ear interpretation of a section of the in game tune from the Commodore 64 game Knuckle Busters, written by the brilliant Rob Hubbard.

Midi is coming in from reason and filter cutoff is being controlled by a diy build of a yarns midi to cv module in the eurorack, also taking in midi from

X1L3 - circuit bent - PT87 - harsh noise and power electronix redux

Published on Oct 15, 2017 manufacturedZ3R0

"Revisiting the PT87 for what is probably the last time with 32 minutes of post optimism improvised power electronics.


Cleared out the hoard of these in the circuit bending stash recently and modified them all. They're becoming harder and harder to get these days and this is most likely the last run of them from

X1L3 - SH4RD - HNW/PE/GLITCH - Eurorack module

Published on Aug 26, 2017 manufacturedZ3R0

"Improvised jam experimenting with gating the inputs of shard. Grinding, screaming, strangely mesmerising sensory dissonance.

If you came here by accident while looking for the wave105 commercial radio top five and you hate it then i fully understand. If you came here intentionally and knew you'd hate it then you're probably a tool. But that's alright

X1L3 - Vevoyah - Walkthrough - Power electronics and harsh noise

Published on Aug 12, 2017

"A tutorial on the workings of the vevoyah as a hands on noise, texture and glitch generator. Covering how the different elements work together in creating noise walls, PE textures and system crash garbage, and how to get to know them better.

To those searching for guidance on the dark path, i hope this helps you find your way :)

Built in small

X1L3 - Circuit bent casio PT30 - power electronics and harsh noise

Published on Apr 17, 2017 manufacturedZ3R0

"A trip through the hellscape. 25 minutes of power electronics and harsh noise.

Hard abuse of the delay and ruiner with a diy random cv modulator plugged in at the filter cv input.

You know the drill. Like the strap on... If you hate it then i probably already know. If you like it then i get that also and so do you :)

13 raw circuit bends - extreme

X1L3 - Circuit bent casio PT30 + CBUK CB55 drum module - darkwave synth jam

Published on Apr 16, 2017 manufacturedZ3R0

"Live key jam focussed on subtle use of the delay and ruiner mods. Under pinned by a CB55 drum module built using the board available at: https://www.circuitbenders.co.uk/

Not an overly bent or warped session, but a slick example of what a bent casio can sound like when modified with some finesse.

The CB55 has some mods applied which i've documented

Circuit Bent DD-10

Published on Oct 26, 2016 Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"A circuit bent modified Yamaha DD-10 Drum Machine, built by Shane Williams of X1L3. Although a DD-10 won't yield to rom glitching, a number of features have been added to it to bring it up to spec with some of the more unruly machines listed in the shop. It takes on it's own unique character and is now unlike any of the others. Two oscillators

X1L3 - circuit bent Casio PT-80 with midi retrofit + eurorack - Synthetic industrial

Published on Jul 24, 2016 manufacturedZ3R0

Watch your volume levels on this one to start.

"Casiotone industrial.

Playing the Pt-80 via midi from reason. An A/R generator is hooked up to the CV input to apply an envelope to the filter cutoff. This comes into play more prominently as the video progresses. The circuit bent aspect isn't really used here and the video focuses on the midi, delay

X1L3 - circuit bent Casio PT-80 with midi retrofit + eurorack - The trip

Published on Jul 23, 2016 manufacturedZ3R0

"Casiotone trance.

Audio is slightly out of sync with the video, but the sun will still rise in the morning.

Playing the Pt-80 via midi from reason. Under pinned with a 4/4 sequence. An A/R generator is being triggered on 16th notes on my eurorack, also via midi. The attack/release is connected to the CV input on the casio, spiking the filter cutoff

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