WMD Geiger Counter Pro VS. Teenage Engineering OP12

Published on Feb 12, 2018 WMDevices

"A quick experiment of what it sounds like to run the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator OP12 mini drum machine through the Geiger Counter PRO, a new pedal from WMD."

Geiger Counter Pro NAMM 2018

Published on Jan 28, 2018 cuckoomusic

"WMD is releasing the Gieger Counter Pro, finally!!! It's nasty!! Love it!"

NAMM 2018: Pedro Eustache Playing WMD Synchrodyne [Episode 33]

Published on Jan 27, 2018 CatSynth TV

Flute and wind virtuoso Pedro Eustache performs with a vintage wind instrument controlling a WMD Synchrodyne module.

"Containing several pieces to a traditional synthesizer voice, the Synchrodyne is a powerful addition to any subtractive oriented system. However, it is designed primarily as an experimental sound source/filter, intended to push the limits

WMD JAM With Fracture, Chimera & Prototype Sequencer NAMM 2018

Published on Jan 26, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"WMD played this jam on some of their eurorack modules for us at NAMM 2018. The clap sound comes from their new Fracture module which is a granular sample based drum module related to the Chimera, but focused on claps and snares instead of hats. They also had a prototype grid sequencer sequencing the patch."


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The NAMM Show 2018 - WMD NAMM JAMM

Published on Jan 26, 2018 Animato Audio

"The full video of the WMD NAMM JAMM. Featuring Alex and Matt of WMD together with Pedro Eustache on the Lyricon (run thru WMD's Synchrodyne). Total 100% musical inspiration!"

The NAMM Show 2018 - WMD's Geiger Counter Pro Pedal Demo Video

Published on Jan 26, 2018 Animato Audio

"Full NAMM demo video of WMD's Geiger Counter Pro presented by Alex Anderson. The GCP has saveable presets so you'll be able to recall all those favourite sound creations at the push of a button."

NAMM 2018 WMD Fracture Audio Demo (no talk) and Feature Walkthrough

Published on Jan 25, 2018 Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

Available in March $269

AnalogueZone ► http://www.analoguezone.com

Manis Iteritas with WMD Geiger Counter

Published on Jan 17, 2018 quelltll

"Korg SQ1 - Manis Iteritas - Geiger Counter - Intellijel Line Out - SONY a7RII

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