Lalaland Synth Shop Reykjavik Iceland

Published on Feb 7, 2018 Synth Expert

"Icelandic electronic music producer Arnar Adalsteinsson gives us a tour of the rare gear in his synth repair and mod shop, Lalaland, located in the Reykjavik harbor."

Featured: Korg Delta, Jen SX1000, Jen SX2000, Sequential Circuits Pro-One with custom Prophet style knobs, Mini Meanie TTSH Arp 2600 clone, Yamaha CS30, Moog Memorymoog, Arp Axxe, Clef B30

Wersimatic WM24, WM24B + Pedal

via this auction

"Fantastic rare vintage gem. Unfortunately need repair.

I bought it in full working condition but it's broke during shipping.

The power supply of the drum machine broke. (see photos, I have the broke part).
I took it to service (only the drum machine) but they didn't do really good job.
The drum machine is now working but two rhythm (foxtrott and shuffle) doesn't work.

Vintage 1986 Wersi MK 1 SII Stage Performer 20 Voice MIDI Synthesizer w/ Extras

via this auction

"Hard to Find 1986 Wersi MK1 SII Stage Performer 20 Voice Fourier Synthesizer

All of the controls and buttons appear to function properly but this appears to be a very complex keyboard and since I am not a synthesizer person, I am selling it 'As-Is Working'.

Includes Volumes 1 and 2 of the User's Manual with one set in English and another set in German

There are three

The unstoppable Wersimatic

Published on Sep 18, 2017 organfairy

"Normally 'unstoppable' is a positive word. But when it is used in the same sentence as "drum machine" it tends to be annoying.
My Wersimatic II was literally unstoppable so I had to do something about it. It turned out to be a defective logic gate. Quite and easy fix but still something I had to do.

The music is 'Knuden' which was a minor hit for the

Wersi AP-6 Bass synthesizer

via this auction

"Vintage 1970s Wersi AP6 Bass Synthesizer
The bass guitar voice sounds brilliant.

All keys, buttons, switches, and sliders work perfectly, except for the wah wah slider control.

It's in Excellent condition for its age."

An impro on Korg Polysix and Wersi String Orchestra

Published on Mar 17, 2017 KPProd Music

"KKprod Music Studio"

Upgraded Roland SH-1000 Synthesizer with midi + Roland R8 + Wersi WM 24b

Published on Apr 12, 2017 lookapi

"Upgraded Roland SH-1000 Synthesizer with midi set-up via Arturia Beatstep + Roland R8 + upgraded Wersi WM 24b clock sync via Beatstep CV gate out Soundcheck @ Petit Rigolo Records 2017

Wersi makes the deepest walking bass and the funny toy accompaniment -- sh-1000 makes fx,leads and some bass with korg ax 300g effects"

"Oxygene VII" - on Elka and Wersi organs

Published on Mar 27, 2017 organfairy

"There has been some requests that I should do more Jean Michel Jarre melodies. So here I play Oxygene VII on Wersi Prisma DX-5, Elka X-1000, Yamaha HE-8, Roland JX-8P, and Korg Poly-800."

Vintage 1970s Wersi AP6 Bass Synthesizer - Monstrous low end

via this auction

This guy delivers some of the fattest low end on the planet - secret weapon.
Hear for yourself:

Wersi AP6 - bread & butter bass
Wersi AP6 - some fancier tones

No EQ or post processing on these samples!"

Kult: Vintage Park - Wersi Pianostar Demo

You might remember the Wersi Pianostar T2000 posted here.

The above demo was spotted and sent in via swissdoc with the following links:

"There is a full article here:

More info here:

German instrument, German text ;-)"

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