KORG USA to Exclusively Distribute Waldorf Gear in the US

Thought this was interesting. If you are caught up with this morning's posts you might recall KORG is distributing Reon products in the UK. It appears they are also going to be the exclusive distributor for Waldorf in the US.

This one is in via Soviet Space Child, who spotted it on Music & Sound Retailer.

"Korg USA Inc. is now be the exclusive distributor for Waldorf Music. The new

Steffi - Against The Clock

Published on Oct 12, 2017 FACTmagazine

Some nice synth spotting in this one. Sequentix P3 sequencer appears to the brain.

"The Dutch house and techno explorer creates an intense track in 10 minutes.

Steffi keeps busy. Since moving to Berlin in 2007, the Dutch-born producer has – deep breath now – released three sublime solo albums on Ostgut Ton, founded not one but two successful labels,

Moog SP - Mopho Desktop - Waldorf Blofeld - Bass Station II Jam (Oct 9 2017)

Published on Oct 10, 2017 stereofect

"Downsized the studio during the summer and added a Moog Slim Phatty to the kit. The result is this nice relaxing ambient synth jam.

The video and audio were recorded on an iPhone 6 simultaneously using FiLMiC Pro app and a Behringer Line 2 USB Interface Cable. Hope you like it.


Waldorf NW1 - In the Mix

Published on Oct 9, 2017 Gomag

"This is a simple demo of the Waldorf NW1 module.
To make this demo more interesting, I decided to make a simple background music, so that you can listen to, how NW1 works in the mix. NW1 may sound harsh and ugly as well as subtly and beautifully. You will find more info in the video clip. Enjoy!"

New Beat Industrial Proto Techno live: "Sacrifice" w Moog Electribe 303 Dreadbox Blofeld

Published on Oct 8, 2017 Shimanski Beats

"Live performace track called 'Sacrifice'
As often on my channel, the style of the track is somewhere between New Beat, Industrial, EBM, proto-techno, and/or Electro Clash, or a crossover of all of the above :)

Instruments used:
Electribe Sampler: Drums, vocals, hardware sequencer
Dreadbox Nyx: bass
Moog Sub Phatty: lead sequence
Waldorf Streichfett


Published on Oct 8, 2017 Yunneck

"Monotonous hybrid of trance, acid and jungle.
I made few mistakes - im not a performer.

Gear used:
Chord pad - Yamaha DX7 IId
Mono pad - Waldorf Blofeld
Bass - Novation Bass Station II
Lead - Korg MS-20m
Acid - Cyclone TT-303
Drums - Roland TR-8
Amen - Korg ESX-1
+ few hardware effects"

Knobcon Six 2017 : Exhibit Halls : All Gear No People & a Performance by Nathan Hahn

Published on Sep 15, 2017 Nathan Hahn

"Sorry about the video quality. I was not able to bring a dolly this year."

Knobcon Six 2017 : Nathan Hahn

Published on Sep 14, 2017

"My live set at the Knobcon Six opening night party.
FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD https://nathanhahn.bandcamp.com/album...
Filmed by Tim Hahn
Edited by Nathan Hahn

Here is the gear rundown: Roland D-10, Kingkorg, and a Korg Tactile

Ultraviolet - dub techno with Blofeld, TB-03, MS-20, Machinedrum, and Eurorack

Published on Oct 6, 2017 Tape Ghost

"A slow, ambient dub techno track made using the Blofeld, MS-20, Machinedrum, Eurorack, and TB-03. The Blofeld is playing the chords, MS-20 the bassline, and the Eurorack is playing the textures. Effects are in the box, using universal audio Lexicon 224 for reverb, galaxy echo for tape echo emulation. White noise is coming from the modular as well. Mixing

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