Synthesizers in the studio and demo song.

Published on Nov 1, 2017

Track starts at 4:04. Quick demo of each synth before that.

"Synthesizers in the studio and demo song.

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Korg Electribe Sampler
Elektron Analog Rytm
Arturia MatrixBrute
Dave Smith Instruments Tetra
Waldorf Streichfett
Moog Minitaur
Moog Mother-32
Yamaha Reface DX

Introducing iOptigan! An Optigan for your iPad / iPhone In Collaboration with Stefan Stenzel of Waldorf

Published on Oct 31, 2017 optigandotcom

"In collaboration with Stefan Stenzel of Waldorf, we’re proud to announce iOptigan! It’s an Optigan on your iPad or iPhone, complete with all 40 original discs (25 included with app purchase, an additional 15 via in-app purchase) and all the scratchy lo-fi character and playability quirks of the original. What we didn’t include is all the headaches that

Waldorf Micro Q Omega Full Mix

Published on Oct 31, 2017 Pure Ambient Drone

"Waldorf Micro Q Omega Demo - 'Jupiter Descent' Full Mix. All sounds except for the drums were produced by the Waldorf Micro Q Omega."

BURG - severance (digitakt, analog four, modular, KORG ms-20, volca, blofeld)

Published on Oct 30, 2017 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff please support me on http://music.ollilab.com/ and https://www.patreon.com/theBURG

This is my first proper recorded jam using the Elektron digitakt. It is handling kickdrum, snare, reverse hh and the LOW bass + also sequencing the waldorf blofeld over MIDI.

Also introducing the Noise Engineering BIA, doing some percussion

Mini Live Jam #35: Korg Volca/ Beatstep/ Boom808/ PO-12/ TC Performer/ Waldorf Rocket + Streichfett

Published on Oct 30, 2017 Kalkartronic

"Walls", Mini live Synth Jam by Kalkartronic.
Gear set-up: The Waldorfs, the Volca and Boom808 (ipad) are driven by Arturia Beatstep via Kenton Midi Thru 5. Teenage Engineering PO-12 gets the sync signal from the Volca.
Mixer: Phonic MU1202X
Recorder: Apple Mac Mini
Mastering: TRackS 3
Cameras: Ricoh WG-M1, Samsung S5neo
Fading footage inbetween: modified

Gas Of Latvia // Live @ Erica Synths Garage

Published on Oct 28, 2017 Erica Synths

"Gas Of Latvia performs live playing Elektron Octatrack Mk1 with modular synth & field recordings; Keith McMillen QuNeo midi keyboard; Waldorf Blofeld synth; Faderfox UC4 controller for Octatrack & Blofeld; Electro Harmonix Memory Man with Hazarai; Behringer Vintage Tube Monster; Tapco Mixer; Visual installations by Zane Zelmene.

Music producer and

A Fistful of Ants!: Live Jam with Elektron Digitakt and Plankton Electronics Ants!

Published on Oct 27, 2017 Olivier Ozoux

"I sold and bought a few different synths over the Summer, and it took me a while to integrate the new instruments into my workflow. Here's the first track I've made with my Studio In A Box V2.0.

As usual, everything is recorded live and in a single pass. Here's the instrument list:

- Squarp Pyramid: sequence all the things
- Elektron Digitakt: sample

Steffi - In The Studio

Published on Oct 24, 2017 FACTmagazine

Follow-up to her Against the Clock performance here.

"Steffi shows us her slick studio full of unusual vintage gear

Dutch techno icon Steffi made her massive Against The Clock session look easy, effortlessly gliding from synth to synth in her compact studio to create a tightly-wound electro track in just 10 minutes.

After the time was up, the Ostgut Ton

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