Retro: Akai MPC Live + gear jam

Published on Nov 12, 2017 ranzee av

"Live jam with the Akai MPC Live using MIDI sequences of synthesizers (see gear list below). Multi-camera angles, one-take video, no edits - audio direct from mixer into camera...

Gear used: Akai MPC LIve, Roland D-550, SE-02, JU-06, System-8, System-1, MX-1, Korg Minilogue, Waldorf Streichfett, Strymon BigSky, EHX Smallstone, Fairlight CMI Samples - other

How to create a reed - like sound on a synthesizer (breath controller vs. blofeld)

Published on Nov 10, 2017 Alex S.

"Using a breath controller and blofeld's mod matrix for some basic, but dynamic FM synthesis. I guess it's a blowfeld now."


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"It is in very good condition and works great. There are two minor cosmetic issues which do not effect its functioning. There is a scuff mark on the screen, and one of the knobs has a crack in it. See pics for these two minor issues."

Sequencers & Synths III - Frippertronics, Digitakt, eurorack, GForce Oddity, Diva , XTk , zebra

Published on Nov 4, 2017 junklight

"Been a long & busy week. Kicking back with some sequences, frippertronics & synths and making a bit of noise (it starts of gently)"

Waldorf Microwave 1 Demo: Pads Strings Analog Brass

Published on Nov 4, 2017 Rob Welt

"a very quick demo of my WALDORF MICROWAVE 1 - a German 8 voice Hybrid Synthesizer with great analog Filters & Sounds. FOR SALE ON EBAY"

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DrumBrute & RackAttack (Percussion Synthesizer) Démo 01

Published on Nov 4, 2017 Mark Bonn

1/ Arturia DrumBrute (Analog Drum Synthesizer)

2/Waldorf RackAttack (Virtual Analog Percussion Synthesizer)

Ambient Analog Trance Jam "Beyond Horizon" System 1m Microbrute Blofeld

Published on Nov 4, 2017 Denis Polic

"After hard working five weeks, without any time to do something else, have finaly find some time to set my mind free and spend some time in my studio, so i turned the camera on, and have jammed for a while. Hope you would like it and share and subscribe, thanks!!! As usual no DAW or other computer stuff involved, just me and my hardware.

Gear used: Roland

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