12DECODE Waldorf Microwave Editors for Macintosh


"This page is about my system exclusive based sound editors for Waldorf’s MicroWave Synthesizers. The current version is 4.1
There is an editor for the original Microwave (aka Microwave I, with software version 2.0 installed) and an editor for the Microwave II (including the XT line).

The sound generating architecture of the Microwave II is very similar to the MicroWave I, except the different concept with the “modulation matrix” and the possibility to change many parameters simply by control change messages and by turning the little knobs manually, so system exclusive programming may not be so important."

Memorymoog Multisamples on a Waldorf Blofeld

via Boele of SCD:

"Well, here is a little example of the usage of a Memorymoog multisample in the Blofeld. Bare recording.

I combined the sample (sort of bellish bass) with a VA pulse waveshape from the Blofeld, added all kinds of modulation on that pulse waveshape, FM-ing one of the sample oscillators a little, added some noise, delay etc. etc.


Now one can argue if this sound isn't possible without the Moog's multisample which in fact is quite a basic one. I say no :-) At least not without a lot of extra programming. The characteristics of the Memorymoog's low end and overall EQ can't be simulated well on the Blofeld. Plus the randomness of pitch and other things of the Moog's samples.

Another important thing with multisamples from other instruments: the level-curve from a whole keyboard range is not easy (if not impossible) to simulate on the Blofeld.


Wolfram Franke Interview on Sonik Matter

Note this is an old interview from 2001. I just never posted it before. Thanks goes to Mark Pulver for sending this over to the Waldorf mailing list. Wolfram Franke is the product specialist and a coder for Waldorf, the old Waldorf and new. He is one of the core influentials at Waldorf.

According to the interview, the first synthesizer he programmed on was the Wersi MK1 in 1986: "Wersi and it is called MK1 (Series III). It was a 20 voice, 8 part multitimbral additive synth with up to 32 harmonics, an integrated chorus/ensemble effect and only one VCF, but that one was a copy of the Moog 24dB VCF plus a good-sounding overdrive."

Some interesting snips on his time with Waldorf:
"The Pulse was the first synthesizer where I helped working on the basic concept, i.e. sound parameters, UI layout and overall sound character.

The concept of the Microwave II was done almost completely by me and half a year later, I started to write down the controls I would like to see on an extended version of the Microwave II. You know the result, it became the Microwave XT!"

Regarding the Q being modeled after the Pulse:
"Oscillators - those are real models of analog oscillators, resulting in a very fat bass sound even when you listen to them without filters or effects. They behave exactly like their analog counterparts and they were modelled after the analog oscillators of our Waldorf Pulse synthesizer.

Filters - those are also real models, not only algorithms as found in almost all other VAs. This means that they can self-oscillate and allow FM. They are modelled after something in-between the Curtis filters from the Microwave 1 and our discretely built Waldorf Pulse four-pole filter."

Note the above is just a small fraction of what you will find the full interview. Do check it out. It is fascinating and it is one of the rare interviews that primarily focuses on synthesis.

Note you can find all interviews featuring Wolfram Franke here.

Waldorf Microwave 1 Limited Mean Green Machine

via this auction
"You are looking at a Waldorf MicroWave, the original one with real analog filters and amplifiers. Actually, this is the limited edtion “Mean Green Machine” that was only produced 99 times worldwide. This unit has the number 43 and was treated as collector item.

The Mean Green Machine was produced 99 times when Waldorf announced the OS 2.0 for the Microwave. Needless to say, that this unit is updated to the newest OS available but it is also one of the later run of Waldorf Microwaves.

This practically is the PPG in a rack, with analog filters and amplifiers. 8 voices can be used in multimode with 4 individual outputs as well as a stereo pair outs. Wolfgang Palm himself did the hardware work on the Asic (Wavetable chip). Wavetable synthesis at its best, surely beats the newer MWII/XT series in raw power with 2 oscillators, analog 24db LP filter, analog amplifier with panning, 4 envelopes, 2 lfos, and flexible modulation routings.

The Waldorf Microwave “Mean Green Machine” Limited Editon comes with manual in pdf on CD, newest OS installed, and Step-up transformer (110V to 220V, 50 Watts). The power cord is attached to the unit."

A somewhat bombastic theme

YouTube via attorks
"A somewhat bombastic symphonic theme this time. The Doepfer MAQ16/3 has two 6 step sequences on rows 1 and 3 driving the Synthesizers.com on row 1 and the Creamware MiniMax ASB on row 3. The steps on row 2 are varied from 4 to 10 steps driving the self-built Modular. The first sequence you hear comes from the MiniMax, the second sequence from the Synthesizers.com and the third sequence from the self-built Modular. The Roland XP80 is responsible for the tortured sound. The solo's are played on the Clavia Nord Lead 1 and the Waldorf Q Keyboard."

lechiffre - Waldorf Largo Track via Stefan Trippler

"All sounds from Largo. No additional processing except a little compression
on the drums."

Waldorf Blofeld Arps

YouTube via bbow73
"Arpeggiations on the Waldorf Blofeld.
For an ebay auction."
Not sure which one so here you go. Update: found it - this auction

Waldorf Blofeld Atmos

MusoTalk 275 - Angecheckt - Waldorf Largo Teil 1

YouTube via musotalk
"Wir haben einen ersten Blick auf den neuen VST Synthesizer LARGO von Waldorf geworfen."


Blofeld Trancience by gsixtyfour "All synth sounds (even that deep ass bass) come from blofeld (with mild touches of EQ and reverb) each track was recorded separately, so this is not a demonstrati"

Blofeld free Editor 1.13 (for PC)

"The next version is available:http://lady.rdsor.ro/~kotro/soft/waldorfblofeldeditor113.zipFeatures: - sound organizer - sound randomizer - sound morpher - sound family creator (+preset family) - etc.RegardsKotro Laszlo Lehel"

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