Sound Semiconductor SSI2164 Quad VCA Now Available

Sound Semiconductor announces an SSM2164 replacement chip. According to Wikipedia, the 2164 was a replacement for the 2024, but not a drop in replacement. The 2164 was used in the Octave Voyetra Eight, the Siel DK 600, Opera 6 and Kiwi, and the full blown Waldorf Wave.


Upgrades Existing SSM/V2164 Positions and Increases

Ambient Trance Jam "Move" Roland SE-02 & System 1M vs Eventide H9 & Strymon

Published on Mar 8, 2018 Denis Polic

"Since i have the Eventide H9, i enjoy every single minute in my studio, usind the deep dark echo algorythm from Blackhole (Eventide Space) called Darkmater. Its a sound i have been looking for a long time. So i turn it on and start jammin, and the ideas keep flowing and moving, and i could not stop, took the cam and tryed to save the moment. So there it is,

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard + Akai EWI USB Breath Controller Demo II

Published on Mar 8, 2018 Alex S.

"I thought I'd give my virtual analog clarinet sound another spin. The other sounds are preset patches, recorded one after the other onto my R24."

The PULSCar files - #2

Published on Mar 6, 2018 Stereoping

"2nd remix - trying to make songs from raw ideas i sketched in the 90ies when i had an OSCar. Other gear used: Korg Poly6, Roland Juno6, Alesis AirFX, Yamaha R-1000 and 2 x Boss SE-50. As i lack a real OSCar today i try to substitude it with the PULSCar - a Pulse where it's ladder-VCF was replaced with the double 13600-OTA-VCF of the OSCar. The

Waldorf Streichfett Demo

Published on Mar 5, 2018 Alphacode

"A great little machine , Very Nostalgic !"

BURG - washed ashore (ambient jam, ms-20, blofeld, reface CP, strymon)

Published on Mar 4, 2018 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff please support me on http://music.ollilab.com/ and https://www.patreon.com/theBURG

An ambient session for you all, with an ominous weird feeling that I cannot explain,, no idea what it is .. the track is just odd.

Anyways.. I accidentally left some of the other synths on while setting things up.. or an FX on something which was

Kaleidoscope - a dawless song - exploring all the elements

Published on Mar 2, 2018 millolab

"the song starts @1:55
Headphnes highly recommended
Gear used: Elektron Octatrack, Elektron Digitakt, Elektron Machinedrum, Korg Electribe2, Waldorf Blofeld, Korg MS2000, Roland System1m, Eventide H9."

The NDLR little jam

Published on Mar 1, 2018 Conductive Labs

"A quick phone video of Darryl's jam setup on The NDLR playing a Korg Volca FM (with velocity via CC), a Waldorf Blofeld in multi-mode, a Waldorf Pulse 2, and a Dreadbox Erebus."

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