AJH Synth Minimod & Waldorf KB37: Eurorack - Modular Moog Model D

Cirklon Jam: AJH Synth, Oberheim Two Voice, Tempest

Published on Nov 5, 2017 nikarga

"A quick test drive of my newly acquired Cirklon... A simple 1 bar loop with a fair amount of wiggling :)

- AJH Minimod System with Dual LFO's and DH-ADSRs
- Oberheim Two Voice Pro
- Make Noise B&G Shared System
- DSI Tempest
- Eventide H9 effects pedal with Blackhole Reverb...

Recorded in 1 pass

Bokeh - a Millolab and Gattobus song.

Published on Dec 10, 2017

"Composed, arranged and performed by Emilio Sapia (Millolab) and Gianni Proietti (Gattobus). Headphones highly recommended.

Millolab gear: Elektron Octatrack and Digitakt, Roland System 1m, Torcido and Demora, makenoise 0Coast, Waldorf Blofeld, eventide H9.

Gattobus gear: eurorack modular synth, eventide space"

"BOKEH" - Millolab & Gattobus song

Published on Dec 10

ElasticFX jam with a Waldorf Blofeld

Published on Dec 9, 2017 Oliver Greschke

"ElasticFX is soon to come out. It's basically a 4 channels effect machine with lots of different effects of different categories (Modulation, Pitch, Distortion, Filter, Delay, Reverb, Others).

The special twist of EFX is that there are different routing options how you connect 4 different effect slots AND similar to Elastic Drums, you can automate your

Elektron Octatrack MKII Drums With Waldorf Microwave XT Chords

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"This video shows the Elektron Octatrack MKII being used as a drum sampler and midi sequencer for the Waldorf Microwave XT wavetable synthesizer. The Octatrack delay is used as a looper/stutter effect and can be controlled with the crossfader and scenes. The Octatrack can sequence external synthesizers with midi and then they can be mixed with the

Mini Live Jam #37: Beatstep/ Patchblocks tek.drum/ Waldorf Streichfett & Rocket/ Volca Keys/ ...

Published on Dec 3, 2017 Kalkartronic

"Live Jam by Kalkartronic:
Gear set-up: Arturia Beatstep Midi into Kenton Midi Thru 5 to Waldorf Rocket, iStudio (with Xynthesizr and Alchemy running on ipad) and Volca Keys. Volca Keys sync out to Patchblocks tek.drum. Streichfett thru Mooer Micro Looper and Mooer Repeater, and Korg Kaossilator in standalone mode.
Recorder: Edirol R-1
Cam: Ricoh WG-M1

Waldorf Zarenbourg Electric Piano Demo

Published on Nov 28, 2017 DV247 Music Store UK TV

"A short demo of the beautiful Waldorf Zarenbourg Electric Piano."

Not technically a synth, but it is Waldorf, and we haven't seen many demos of it. As for Waldorf synths, I'm curious what progress we will see with the Waldorf Quantum at NAMM this year.

Sound design express #001 : Waldorf NW1

Published on Nov 27, 2017 Modularsquare

"Simple, basique : un oscillateur à tables d'ondes Waldorf NW1, un LFO en dent de scie pour contrôler un paramètre, et ça grattouille tout de suite les oreilles sans passer par une journée de post prod."

"Simple, basic: a Waldorf NW1 wavetable oscillator, a sawtooth LFO to control a parameter, and it immediately scrapes the ears without going through a

Waldorf Wave & TSi Musikmesse Flyers From 1992 &1993

Scans for the following, in via swissdoc, have been added to yesterday's post on Waldorf at at the 1992 and 1993 Musikmesses.


I believe this is the first time some, if not all, have appeared online. They include a flyer for the Waldorf Wave, a Preliminary Wave info sheet, and

Treat Yourself :)