Nord A1 Song

Published on Feb 12, 2016 muzykujkropkacom

Short takes (Dual Monotribe, Dual Volca Keys/Electribe Sample)

Published on Feb 11, 2016 Metatron's Cube

"War of minds short take@ 3:04 The beginning is also a short version of the last Monotribe video posted. In other news, large amounts of crazy samples have been collected, so possible weirdness coming down the music pipe. Have a great Friday(or whenever you see this). Thank you for watching and listening!"

Talko Exploration 1: Banks

Published on Dec 4, 2015 Jean-Luc Deladrière

"Talko is an Arduino based Eurorack module that allows true LPC speech synthesis. This first demo illustrate the use of the various banks"

See the Deladriere label below for more.

Dante Gonzales - Suspensión Gravitatoria (Live Session)

Published on Feb 11, 2016 Dante Gonzales

"Performance en vivo registrada y producida por Lado B Medios
Música compuesta y ejecutada por Dante Gonzales.
C & P Lado B Medios 2014 Lima - Perú

Intrumentos Utilizados:
ARP Omni 2
Atomosynth Multiklon
Moog MG-1
Roland TR-707
Roland MC-505
Pearl Syncussion
Yamaha CS-30"

E-mu Emulator II Vintage Sampler "Ghost Ship"

Published on Feb 11, 2016 RetroSound

"(c) 2016 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

all sounds: E-mu Emulator II Sampling Synthesizer (1984)
recording: multi-tracking without MIDI
fx: a bit reverb and delay

I used the original Emulator II sampling library."

Song of Filter : KORG minilogue

Published on Feb 11, 2016 karenevil

"Filter is singing with the knob :D"

KORG minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

Waldorf Streichfett String Machine teardown MF#69

Published on Feb 11, 2016 markusfuller

"A quick look inside the Streichfett String machine by Waldorf
Not a lot to see really but interesting how much can be done with just one arm processor."

QLFO AQA ElektriX Demo Video Triple QLFO Now Available

Published on Feb 11, 2016 AQA ElektriX

Hypersynth Xenophone Analog Synthesizer - Sound Design (Part 1)

Published on Feb 11, 2016 perfectcircuitaudio

Perfect Circuit Audio on eBay

Factory patches posted here.

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