Buchla Series 200 Cloned Modular Auction

via this auction

"All Roman Filippov built modules except for:

Hugh St Amour 259, serviced by Mark Verbos.

Mark Verbos 258V and 291V!!!

Djangosfire 158- POS face plate/EXCELLENT 158!

cj3000 built the 245. Perfect!

Just for clarity:

Top L to R: 266r 256r 291v 207r

Middle L to R: 245cj 281r 292r

Bottom L to R: 158df 258v 259sta

All modules in excellent shape, save rack rash. The

LFO Gen~Code Demos w/ Buchla Format Modular

Y-LFO-Test from Jochen Bohnes on Vimeo.

"I love Gen~ code! So smooth, ultra fast and very impressive!

(Gen~ allows a kind of Low Level coding [inside Max] that can be computed directly over the CPU, needs less resources and sounds much better.)

The LFO Gen~Code is part of the Synthcore2 Bundle (Max7):"

Dual LFO + Cross-Modulation


rise buchla max

rise buchla max from Jochen Bohnes on Vimeo.

"Getting organized. [RISE]

Testing the beautiful BEAP 5d SVF Filter (Max) from yofiel.

Buchla: Five Oscillators, Filter, RM, LPG

(158, 258, 262v, 291, 285r, 205, 281, 292c, 227e + Pedal)

Max: Waveset Osc, Synthcore Filter, 3x LFO."

Mark Verbos & Mark Didemus live

Matt Verbos & Mark Didemus live from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

"Mark Verbos and Matt Didemus played a performance on SUPERBOOTH17 here. Both living in Berlin now could visit me in my office for a chat yesterday where we recorded this interview. At the end of it you will see the performance Mark and Matt played live, before this we show you the brilliant Gesprächskonzert by Mark Verbos introducing

Buchla 288v - Like a tourmented soul

Published on Sep 2, 2017 batchas

"In the second half the sound is not synchron anymore :(

Self-modulated 258 sent to 288v.
Some short reverb added afterwards."

Open Circuit Live - Cobramatic - May 2017

Published on May 26, 2017 MaXMod -band-

"'Everything is going to be Alright' - Live performance by Cobramatic
New Sound Waves Open Circuit, Redfern, Sydney Australia. 13 May 2017
Modified Buchla Easel [pictured below], 258v, Euro sandbox and modded Dr-55 Dr Rhythm.
Live Modular Video by Ed of LZX and Autoglide"

New Buchla Modular Videos by batchas

8 10 16 Buchla Modular

Published on Jan 27, 2017 batchas

"Patch based on 288v module."

26 07 16 Buchla 2 x 248r + 261e

Published on Jan 27, 2017 batchas

Batchas presents: Buchla Modular - Patch 042 & 07

Published on Dec 11, 2016 batchas

"Based on Buchla 288v + some abrasive FM from 258j.

Arpeg. bell sounds come from computer."

The the 288v is from Verbos, and the 258j is from J3Rk. The letter after the number in Buchla format modules usually indicates the maker. The e in Buchla 200e modules is either Don Buchla or BEMI.

9 12 16 Buchla Modular - 07

Published on Dec 11, 2016

"Patch based

Batchas presents: Buchla Modular - Patch 041

Published on Nov 14, 2016 batchas

"Like the previous patches this one is based on the 288v.
258v + 291 + FM-cross-modulation / 258j / 291e / 248r / 2x194 / ScrotumLab Reverb.
Microphone goes into the 207r."

Masterminds: The Art of Engineering with Dave Smith, Tatsuya Takahashi & Mark Verbos

Dave Smith, Tatsuya Takahashi, and Mark Verbos will be at the Amsterdam Dance Event, discussing their design process and personal philosophies. Details:

"18:15 - 19:00
Compagnietheater (C6 Main Hall) | Kloveniersburgwal 50, Amsterdam

Three gamechanging engineers talking about designing new musical instruments, their design processes and personal philosophies.

Dave Smith (US)
Dave Smith is

Treat Yourself :)