EQD (short version)

Published on Sep 5, 2017 Richard Galbraith

"This is the second half of a video I posted a while back but then took down. I always liked the second part much more than the first part, so I decided to cut out the first 5+ minutes. Sorry for the abrupt beginning, but oh well. Here's the original description:

This was recorded in two overdubbed takes. The first take is a bed of deep synth tones,

Unfiltered Audio Spec Ops

Published on Aug 3, 2017

"Exploring the subtler side of Spec Ops, the 'Ultimate Spectral Processor' on its way from Unfiltered Audio.
This preset I've called 'My God it's full of Stars'

Although highly capable of mangling audio beyond recognition I've used it here to add a pitch-shift up one octave using Stretch, subtle pitch wobble using Slide controlled by an LFO, higher

mCKENIC - ImproVariation 2 [H.Q]

Published on Jun 18, 2017 mCKENIC

"Variation on an Improv #2.
iPad, Eurorack (fx mostly - Kammerl Beat Repeat for Clouds / Valhalla Z-DSP) and Interaxon Muse Brainwave Interface cv modulating the fx.
If you do decide to watch - please do so in 1080p if you can! The vid took an age to render :-)"

maasijam session #19 - Volca (Bass, Keys) and Polyplex sequenced by Beatstep Pro

Published on Jun 11, 2017 maasijam

"Ambient cinematic jam session. Live recording in one take.

Korg Volca Keys
Korg Volca Bass
Korg NanoKontrol2
Akai MPK Mini
ValhallaRoom (I love it)
NI Replika XT Delay
Launchpad mini
Launchcontrol XL
Beatstep Pro
Miditemp 8x8 Midi Merger
Steinberg UR44
Ableton Live

Recorded directly on a Tascam DR07 MK2.

Filmed with:
Sony Alpha 6300
SJ4000 2x"

Ghost in the Shell - Floating Museum (VOLCA FM)

Published on Apr 17, 2017 RemixSample

"Ghost in the Shell - Floating Museum Remix (I guess) on Korg Volca FM. Playing a simple patch via midi from a DAW. Effects used are Soundtoys Crystallizer & Valhalla Shimmer."


Published on Apr 11, 2017 SYNTHWAY

"Not my best improvisation ever, but I just wanted to share the experiment of a layered sound with the Boutiques + Valhalla Shimmer. Loving these little machines (also the Minilogue, used only as a controller)."

Follow-up to Valhallalogue!


Published on Apr 10, 2017 SYNTHWAY

"Just a test drive of this amazing reverb/shimmer software."

Two Korg MS-20 Mini - Demos by TheTrackdriver

Published on Oct 4, 2013 TheTrackdriver

"All sounds from Korg MS-20 Mini. The delay is from the Roland RE-301 and the reverb from ValhallaRoom."

Korg MS-20 Mini - Demo 2

Published on Aug 12, 2014

"A short demo of a Korg MS-20 Mini. All sounds including the drums are from the synth. No effects added."

MFB Dominion I ☩ Valhalla Shimmer | synthesizer mini-walkthrough

Published on Nov 26, 2016 Sensenwerk

"Really love the sound of the shimmer reverberation plugin."

"He say you Braidrunna!"

Published on Nov 12, 2016

"Why is it every time I watch that movie I can't seem to get it out of my head for days? That background atmosphere just seems to bounce around in my skull as if I was in a constant trance. Seemed the only way to get it out of my head was to give it a go with some eurorack modules.

Modules used:

Mi Elements run through a Grendel Formant filter

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