MainChain -THE HOLIEST DAY Prologue

YouTube via TheMainChain. Some synth spotting.
"U-Ventory in action. Also you can spot a Rozzbox, Monome, Snow, TR-808 and MS-20 to
name a few." Lassence ┬ÁVentury II at the start and LL Electronics Rozzbox at 2:14.
Update: see the Lassence label at the bottom of this post for more info on the ┬ÁVentury II.
"A glimpse into the world of MainChain and their adventures while recording their 1st single: THE HOLIEST DAY!

The images were captured in Miami, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. A portion of the footage includes scenes shot in South Beach for the upcoming HOLIEST DAY video release...

It also features never-before-seen footage of the band recording The Holiest Day in their Hollywood studio!"

Treat Yourself :)