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Musikmesse: TipTop Audio at the Musikmesse

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The Musikmesse is almost here! All posts will have Musikmesse: in the title and the Musikmesse label below. For those new to the Messe, it's the European equivalent of NAMM.

This marks the first Musikmesse post for 2009.

Through the Gate

Isotope of Me has a track featuring the KORG EX-800 routed though a DSI Evolver in order to gate a pad with the Evolver's internal sequencer. The track also features the Tip Top Audio Z3000. You can find it here.

Tiptop Audio Z3000 HSM Test

Tiptop Audio Z3000 HSM Test from Isotope Of Me on Vimeo.
video description:
"I recently purchased the Z3000 Smart VC-Oscillator from Tiptop Audio and have been intrigued with the HSM input, so I ran it through an audio analyzer to see how the waveforms differ between regular sync and the HSM as I swept the oscillator through it's full range.

One of the big differences is that HSM isn't just for pulse/square waves, as I show by using the sine output of my A-111 VCO and monitor the sine output of the Z3000.

One also gets unique and interesting results using both the sync and HSM inputs with different sync sources as is also shown toward the end of the video.

Mind you, this is a bit of a noisy one, not very musical but hopefully clarifies what this unusual and neat function that Tiptop Audio have included on the Z3000 can do."

Sine is fine!

Sine is fine! from Isotope Of Me on Vimeo.
"Here's a nice mellow modular patch using the combined sine waves from the A-110 and A-111 VCOs for the initial portion of the sound. A heavily and quickly phased pulse wave is slowly mixed in as the note sustains longer. First I walk you through the patch as I randomly (and rather mindlessly pick at the keys, then at the end of the video you can hear the sound sequenced into a mix."

Full Case

flickr by bdu
(click for more)

full size

current system

flickr by pac209

"www.sendspace.com/file/pizr56 some sound"

full size

Note the Acidlab Bassline and modded TR-707

Malekko Assmaster Euro Module

via diablo guapo:


"Germanium octave fuzz based off the Maestro Brassmaster fuzz pedal. The clip is a square (TipTop Z3000 and a Harvestman Polivoks filter with modulation on the freq of the filter and sens on the Assmaster) Fuzz circuits play nicely with filters with lots of res...the harvestman certainly fits the bill. i really didnt "push it" very much in this clip but you can get some INSANE tones and harmonics that way... they will ship first week in Feb"

z3000 - fm hell

z3000 - fm hell from surachai on Vimeo.
"I just received my Tip Top Audio z3000 oscillator in the mail today and thought I'd introduce it to the rest of my system. The patch itself is quite complicated but essentially a Cwejman oscillator is going into the FM ins on the z3000 - First into FM1, then later in the FM2 where the modulation can be controlled from a pot. It can play nicely but I try to stay from that."
via Trash_Audio where you'll find a more extensive write-up.

Overdubbing Z3000 voices

Overdubbing Z3000 voices from GM on Vimeo.
"All the sounds including the drum sounds were made using three Z3000 by overdubbing. The pad sound toward the end was generated by a roland JX3P and was process in the modular using the Z5000." http://www.tiptopaudio.com/

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