THEREMIN & SYNTH - Theremin's Gate triggers Korg Volca's sequencer

Published on Apr 15, 2018

"A short version of a previous video i made [posted here], on the USE OF CV & GATE IN THEREMIN PLAYING. All sounds played live and controlled via the theremin.

While playing the Theremin in a traditional way, the E-Pro Theremin's volume CV triggers the steps of the Korg Volca Sample's sequencer via an external Gate (build by Swiss company WaveLicker)

Music : Sputnik

Smirnov Demonstrates Theremin's Rhythmicon

Published on Dec 24, 2014 androidvision

"Andrei Smirnov demonstrates Leon Theremin's Rhythmicon (Ритмикон) - electronic musical instrument originally developed and produced by Leon Theremin in 1931. This particular machine was made in 1965. Shot 24 december 2014 at 'Pioneers of Sound' exhibition held at Vinzavod in Moscow."

See this post for some additional info on the Rhythmicon and another

DU BOUT DES DOIGTS (interview) - thérémine et ombromanie

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Therminal C I C Ehinger

"Sans rien toucher, leurs mains créent des sons et des images dans l’espace. DU BOUT DES DOIGTS est un projet hybride entre concert, spectacle et performance, autour de deux arts atypiques et méconnus : l’ombromanie et le thérémine. Deux mots aux consonances assez proches ; deux arts qui possèdent une même approche : ne rien toucher, laisser les

New Error Instruments Solar Theremin Eurorack Module

Published on Jan 22, 2018 paul tas

via Error Instruments

"solar theremin is a light-sensitive controller that can be controlled with shade
as a theremin. it has 3 x out with 0 to 6 volts and everything in between.
it has tune knob to tune the light for the environment.
there is also a built-in vactrol. for and VCA / LPG
so you can MANIPULATE input for you audio or CV

11 hp in BLACK or wood

Hermigervill Plays Theremin vol. II - White Christmas

Published on Dec 27, 2017 llivregimreH

"Merry Christmas everyone! This kind of started out as a joke, but decided to post it anyways! Used the Juno-6 and the modular system for the backing track."

THEREMIN & SYNTH - playing with GrandPA - Bastl Instruments

Published on Dec 7, 2017 Therminal C

"Here is a demo of how GrandPA sampler can be used with a theremin, connected to the theremin's pitch CV.

GrandPA is a granular sampler in a eurorack format made by Bastl Instruments. It is a powerful little sampler, with an external micro SD card, that let you modulate many parameters with CV. It is a lot of fun with a theremin, i am totally in love with

Spooky Sounds with Doctor Demon Dan!

Published on Oct 27, 2017 SweetwaterSound

"I was working in the studio late one night
When my ears beheld an eerie fright
Like the undead, arisen from the ground
it was Doctor Demon Dan with his Spooky Sounds!

With #StrangerThings2 released today and Halloween around the corner, Daniel Fisher shares some of his favorite spooky sounds (and how to make them).

Theremin Noodle - Moog Theremin , Elecktron Analog Keys + Fairlight Strings

Published on Oct 28, 2017 100 Things I Do

"A quick noodle with the Theremin, I used a little loop on the Elektron Analog Keys and some Fairlight strings to give a little interest. I also added some keys thanks to the Arturia Piano-V.

I have had the Moog Theremin for a few years but one of the problems is it needs a LOT of space around it to be played well. My studio is a converted master

Moog Halloween Theremin 2017 Videos

Here is the official Moog playlist for this year's Halloween Theremin contest! Spooky times ahead. The list features a whopping 37 entries. You should recognize a few from previous posts, however, there are plenty more to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Moog Halloween Theremin Video Contest 2017 by Léa Portier

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Léa Portier

direction Linda trime et Grenadine Vengeance
music Grenadine vengeance"

Note tonight is the last night to submit an entry!

See previous entries here.

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