Teisco S100P Performance Synth with Aftertouch and Spring Reverb

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"Rare performance synth from 1979 with built in Spring Reverb, Flanger and assignable Aftertouch control and 32 different voices with each voice able to be modified through various effects and touch sensitivities.. Very expressive and rich sounding little beast with plenty of character. Similar to the Arp Pro Soloist and SH-2000. These were manufactured under license from ARP


Published on Jul 14, 2017 Lackan

"A little experimental tune where I tried to implement the TB303 in pop music."

Teisco Teischord G -JAM- + monologue + Volca Beats + Zoom MS 70CDR

Published on May 8, 2017 Arrayzable

"Teisco Teischord model G through Zoom MS-70CDR
Korg monologue for bass
Volca Beats for drums :)

I've had this Teisco stage-organ in my possesion for a while now and wanted to do a little jamming.
I'm sorry about the camera angle - You can hardly see me playing the high notes on the keybed.
It's very easy to play and the keys feel great! Not to mention

Teisco Synthesizer 60F SN 1997

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"Teisco Synthesizer 60F / S-60F Vintage Analog Monophonic Synthesizer, which were manufactured in the early '80s under license from Arp Instruments.

The unit appears to be working reasonably well, I noticed the LFO FREQUENCY slider seems to be not responding and the frequency rate is uncontrollable, but otherwise all other sliders and knobs and keys are working fine to the

Teisco 100f Vintage Synth Demo SN 0339

Published on Feb 22, 2017 Steven Bach

"Playing the brilliant Teisco 100f. A classic mono synth. Extremely fat sounding. Nice for leads, basses, and noise effects."

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Teisco SX-210 8 Voice Vintage Analog Synth

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These were also branded Kawai. You don't see the Teisco versions that often.

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