Rainy Day Instruments Nimbus: Digital Polyphonic Synthesizer

Published on Apr 16, 2018 otemrellik

Overview comes in at 3:57. 4-Voice poly Teensy based synth for $300.

"My first thing for sale! This handcrafted digital poly synth that sounds pretty neat. Only 4 made."

via Rainy Day Instruments

"Nimbus is a homemade digital 4 voice polyphonic synthesizer.

Nimbus Features:

3 Oscillators With Shape (Sawtooth/Square/Triangle)
2 LFOs (Pitch/

Kaos Teensy Thing

Published on Apr 2, 2018 otemrellik

"Wanted to share a new thing I made using a Teensy 3.2, Teensy Audio board and the Teensy Audio Library."

New DIY Polysynth Coming from Neutron Sound

Neutron sound poly synth swarmageddon Published on Dec 1, 2017 neutron7

"Here is the swarm oscillator (and a few other things) for the upcoming DIY poly synth. this is currently running on ONLY a teensy 3.6.(at 240mhz) with both main oscillators running swarm and all 6 voices playing, thats 96 oscillators. look mum no synth! The main oscillators are 'braids like' with multiple models and 2

6 voice Poly synth on teensy 3.6

Published on Oct 20, 2017 neutron7

"this is quite long, you might want to skip some! you can hear some of the more "normal synth" type sounds and also see how the screens show the settings for the controls. this synth has 6 voices, each with 3 oscillators. effect/filter 2 envelopes, LFO, etc. it is still a long way from finished, (or even design finalized) and may become a DIY eurorack project."

DIY Drum Machine + Pocket Operator Tonic

Published on May 21, 2017 Tomash Ghzegovsky

"Teensy based drum machine prototypes made for Fasma Festival 2017 Workshop playing together with a Teenage Engineering Pocket operator Tonic (PO-32).

Website: http://tomashg.com/"

Mr. Touchy - Teensy Poly Touch Synth + Drum Machine

Published on Jan 15, 2017 otemrellik

"Wanted to share my latest Teensy synth. Uses Nintendo DS touch screens, Teensy 3.2, Teensy Audio Adapter and some Neopixels.

Learn about Teensy audio library:


3D Model:

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Analog Synth with Teensy Upgrade

via this auction

"This Prophet 600 is in super condition and has recently had a $600 full service performed by the excellent technicians at Switched On, Austin TX. Sounds amazing, plus it has the TEENSY Modification done."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 With P600FW Firmware SN 2218

via this auction

"This Prophet 600 is fully functional, in great condition, and has had the P600FW Teensy++ CPU/Firmware upgrade installed."

DIY Teensy-based Polyphonic Synth by Florian Loretan

Published on Apr 20, 2016 Florian Loretan

"Here’s a quick demo of a project in progress.

A while ago, I bought an old bontempi keyboard on ebay for €3.50, but it stopped working shortly after I got it. My original plan to simply replace the defective sound chip was ditched for a fully custom enclosure with its own interface - the only thing remaining from the original are the keys. The sound

Teensy Polyphonic Synth

Published on Oct 1, 2016 otemrellik

"My first venture into the teensy audio library! This is a polyphonic synthesizer with various controls.

Learn about Teensy audio library:


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