New Toy: Organelle (& XTk)

Published on Aug 19, 2017 mark williamson

"I got this little box with a view to building a live setup that doesn't really revolve around the laptop. This is just a little improv around the 'Stereo Rhythmicon' patch that came with it."

Elektron Analog Four & Strymon Timeline

Published on Aug 19, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Sequence on the Analog Four synthesiser through the Timeline delay.

No further processing except normalisation."

Analogue Solutions Fusebox: Dirty, Filthy Bass Tweaking

Published on Aug 19, 2017 rezfilter

"Wait for it!

OK, a little fun reverse engineering a familiar bass line -- or not! :)

All in good fun, some NIN Closer remixing going on in real-time with the Analogue Solutions Fusebox synth.

This is by no means an attempt at a spot-on reproduction of the Closer bass line, but more a live tweaking and patching session with the new Fusebox synth showing

Solarisation : KORG volca/minilogue/MS20 mini

Published on Aug 19, 2017 karenevil

"Experimental movie and soundtrack."

The Lake - a sad patch for eurorack synthesizer

Published on Aug 19, 2017 Luke Killen

"Today's patch is a sad one"

LudoWic - Preparing Nocturnes (DotCom System 66 / Fostex tape)

Published on Aug 19, 2017 ludoWic music

"LudoWic - Nocturnes

On Friday, September 8th, LudoWic, together with Maarten Vandamme, will perform an exclusive show at the UrsulinenKapel in Tilburg.

LudoWic takes you with 'Nocturnes' in a dreamy atmosphere. In collaboration with Maarten Vandamme, they present the audience a mix of repertoire and improvisations in the genres: ambient, soundtrack and

Grendel Drone Commander - Classic Pedal (official)

Published on Aug 18, 2017 EA78751

The Grendel Drone Commander in classic guitar pedal format.

"Coming soon from Rare Waves LLC USA ... the original circuit, the classic sound, plus gate control, and external audio In! Grendel Drone Commander Classic Pedal."

chris randall - visualization 001

Published on Aug 18, 2017 Chris Randall

"Eurorack modular + Max/MSP + openFrameworks = multimedia. Enjoy!"

Chris Randall of Audio Damage.

4ms Stereo Triggered Sampler (STS) + 2017 Prototypes

Published on Aug 18, 2017 4mspedals

"Made with the Stereo Triggered Sampler from 4ms Company --- AVAILABLE NOW!


• mono mode
• left side triggered by QCD pattern. Length and start position modulated by slow QCD out and its inverted QCDexp output. (1voct pitch offset by SMR 1voct out)
• right side plays dub-like rhythm. Play is triggered by QCD output. Sample CV is modulated

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