ARP 4027-1 VCO Clone

MM8027 Module - ARP 4027-1 VCO
"Overview This is a clone of the ARP 4027-1 VCO that was used in the ARP 2600 as well as the basis for the VCO's in every other ARP synthesizer from 1972. This replication has been carried out with care and detailed research, including borrowing a recently serviced ARP 2600 to test out the capabilities of the VCO design, to ensure I could achieve or even improve upon the original ARP design."

More info on The Emulator Archive

Top image is the original ARP 4027-1 VCO
Bottom two are the clone

circuit bent effects casio va-10

YouTube via spunkytoofers
"another from the casio va-10. just wanted to demo the added looper in the feedback path."

Me playing Depeche Mode "Fools"

YouTube via DX5. Previous vids here.
"Fools. Backtape, sounds search and assign, and rehearsing in an hour or so. No samples or sounds coming from the original song.

Above: Roland JX-8P
Mid: Yamaha DX7 mk1
Below: E-mu Emax"

Sequential Circuits Studio 440 Part 6

YouTube via WISSJE. follow-up to this post.

Kaossilator Jam 2

YouTube via blackmuzzle
"A quick jam with the Kork Kaossilator and KP3. I'm slowly getting the hang of switching scales on the fly. What a fantastic little box..."

Minimoog Voyager Old School. In a Wardrobe

YouTube via hafstrat
"Hafstrat is now hafmoog. Nothing sounds like a moog."

Yakitori Song - KORG microKORG XL with GarageBand

YouTube via jetdaisuke
"I composed this song with KORG synthesizer "microKORG XL". I used only a few Presets.
And recorded with Apple GarageBand

Title logo and lyrics animations are made with a Nintendo DSi software "Ugoku Memo-cho (うごくメモ帳)"

Yakitori is Japanese style grilled chicken.

[Yakitori song] lyrics(English translation)
My favorite yakitori is negima.
My favorite yakitori is seseri.
My favorite yakitori is sasami.
My favorite yakitori is bonbochi.
burn enough
So liver
salt or sauce
sauce or salt

レバー よく焼き
そう、レバー 生焼き

OSCar Monosynth Audio Demo

YouTube via JMPSynth
"Not many OSCar synth demos about so here's an audio demo of the one I had a while ago, apologies for lack of video footage on this one. Includes use of the built-in arpeggiator."


YouTube via SonofCastille
"Well, special thanks to Reed Ghazala, who sent me some really killer cold war era military surplus lamps. The big one says BEAM READY, and the smaller one has the atomic symbol, hence the name. Enjoy"

Akai MPK49 Controller Overview

YouTube via gearwire
"The Akai MPK49 controller keyboard makes things easy -- as some would say, a little too easy. It's a keyboard controller with 49 keys that won't break when you touch them like other types of keyboard keys, 12 pads and enough options to where you could probably record something that sounds passable as music while you're off in the Caymans in the middle of some kind of money coma.

Bill Holland demonstrates.

See more on"

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