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The Kraftzwerg from MFB and More via Davide

via Davide: "The Kraftzwerg from MFB, a pre-patched but completely re-patchable mono analog beast (3 osc, a beautiful double LFO and a very nice sounding 24db VCF). The Kraftzwerg is REALLY the assembly of the modules from MFB so you are not going to loose any of the modulation possibilities.

The beautifully cheap Eurorack cabinet (or better… naked rails and cheeks!) from MFB (with power supply and midi to cv interface) and some intriguing doepfer modules.

A-118 Noise/Random, a beautiful kaos generator. There is a variable rate random voltage suitable for modulating anything in a non predictable but smooth way. Oh, and a couple of audio noise output.

A-132 Double VCA. I’m gonna use this.

A-124 WASP filter. Very nice sounding cheap filter. I bought this to have an High Pass and Band Pass to complement the very good LPF of the Kraftzwerg.

A189-1 Voltage controllable BIT CRUNCHER / MODIFIER. The name says it all. I read on some forums that this unit DOES NOT SOUND NICE. What the hell!!!!! There should be really dumb people out there.. Hook up a couple of CV to affect sample rate and bitcrushing… Instant mayhem.

A-180 MULTIPLES. It goes without saying… the most beautiful sounding of ‘em all. Gh-gh-gh!"

"The synth under the cat is a pretty rare 12DCO Italian polysynth from the eighties [Solton Project 100]…. The cat is Pallina (little ball).

That’s my Xmas Studio!"

Synth Price List in Euros on

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BTW, people have asked me why I don't capture the synth prices for auctions posts. The reason is I just don't have the time. It takes more time than I currently have just keeping up with the posts that do go up. But... if anyone is interested you could note the price in the comments of each post. The trick of course would be to go back and find the price it sold for.

Pickleinn's DIY
(Pictures, Synth section or here)

via Pickleinn in the comments of this previous post.

Indamixx Walkthru: Diving Deeper In Da Indamixx

YouTube via gearwire. Follow-up to this post.
"At its most basic level, the Indamixx is a great way to convince passersby that you're an important businessman doing important business things. However, if you want to get some use out of this hand-held music production system
, check out this video.

Bill Holland, with his mighty stylus in hand, displays how to sequence drums and add effects to your tracks in the second part of our look at Indamixx.

See more on"

Roland JX8p | demo (1 of 2) by

YouTube via Jexus. More vids by Jexus here.
"1985 Roland JX-8p. All sounds programmed by WC Olo Garb. All melodies by WC Olo Garb. Video editing by WC Olo Garb. ||| Videos: showing you not what a synthesizer can do, but what a man can do with a synthesizer. [].[].[] Deep apologies to all the people disappointed by the lack of the attempt to recreate The Final Cuntdown patch.

Watching this video in standard quality renders it quite useless. But even if you choose high quality version, you will still hear some cracking noise present due to the YT compression algorithm. THE SYNTH IS NOT ROUTED THRU ANY OVERDRIVE EFFECT."

Muzik 4 Machines - Benny left the Building

YouTube via muzik4machines
"gear used
Korg ESX1: All Sequences/Drums
Yamaha TX81z: Reverby/Pumpy Sawtooth Bass (chain:TX81z-Akai MFC42-Alesis Nanoverb-DBX266 ch1 (pump)-ch2 (Compression)-Mixer)
Roland MKS50: Hoover/Saw/Lead/Pumpy Synth (Chain MKS50-Boss SL20-DBX266-Zoom RFX2200-Mixer)
Redsound SoundBite Pro: Vocals/looping
Korg Kaoss pad 2: Tempo Delay
Korg Kaoss Pad 3: Loops, Looper(snare rolls), Grainshifter
Korg Kaossilator: Noise Sweeps (path: K01-Mini KP(Delay)-Mixer)
Korg ER1: Beatbox AND sidechain signal (Chain: left out-ProCo Turbo Rat-Boss V-Wha-Mixer)
DX200: Fm E-piano, pads, 303-esque sequences, etc (Chain: Left Out-Boss DD5 delay-Mixer)
Motu Midi Mixer 7s: My mixer, controlled by the BCF2000)
Kawai Midi Patchbay:Guess
DBX MC 6: Output Compressor

NOT used:
a computer, besides recording it; no edition, no mastering, What you hear is what I send out of the main outs"

Synthesia - Open Synth Hardware Platform

"The synthesia platform is a project whose purpose is to create an Analogue modelling musical synthesizer; that is, a synthesizer implemented using both analogue and digital components that intends to emulate the sounds of traditional analogue synthesizers, whilst being controllable through modern-day digital protocols such as the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI).
The synthesizer platform exists upon it’s own standalone hardware, and may be controlled using a variety of existing MIDI-capable instruments, including keyboards, guitars and drums.

You can find more info at Also see these prior posts.

Nanoloop 1.3 + Itouch Midi + Ableton Live (Test 1)

YouTube via BrianWilliamGreen
"If you want to see more projects like this head over to my website at

Note: this is not a song its just me messing around to show a set up im working on for 8bit style sets.

The pro sound mod was done by Logan Erickson you can check out some of his work at

And you can check out the Itouch Midi app's over at

And if you are new to ableton live check it out at

Thanks for watching, let me know what you think."

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