Red Christmas

via Boele Gerkes of SCD on the Waldorf list:


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

John 1:1-18


Something Completely Different"

Linus and Lucy - A Snoopy Buchla 200e Christmas Tune

"Matrixsynth asked for contributions of synth-oriented holiday music, and my sister was in town and wanted to go to the Charles M. Schulz museum, so this Vince Guaraldi song was buzzing through my head, anyway. I grabbbed a MIDI file off the web and tweaked it just a little. I couldn't decide if this was a good thing to do to this poor song, but it was sort of fun."

You can find the track on Chris Muir's

Circuit Ben's Christmas Message / Casio KS03 Circuit Bent

YouTube via circuitben
"Circuit Ben's Christmas Message via Circuit Ben's Circuit Bent Casio KS03. Bent using ltc1799 oscillator module from"

Brett Domino Trio: Christmas (This Year)

YouTube via brettdomino. You might remember Brett Domino from this post.
"The 'Christmas (This Year) EP' and video are now available to download from iTunes and all good digital download stores (Napster, AmazonMP3, eMusic, Rhapsody, etc).


Me & TC Helicon Singing Christmas Tunes

via Kenneth Elhardt on AH:

"Christmas related T.C. Helicon demos I several months back.

Short demo showing how to get a larger choir sound out of a T.C. Helicon Quintet being used like a vocoder.

This demo was done monophonically overdubbing one voice at a time. 4 part polyphony, each part overdubbed 3 times for a total of 12 tracks/people.

An earlier test of my trying to sound like a boys choir, but do to not using compression there's a lot of unevenness, and it didn't turn out sounding like a big group. But since it's related to the Christmas season, what the hell.


Short DSI MoPho christmas tune

via Stefan Trippler:

"All synth sounds from DSI MoPho, drums from Stylus RMX, some reverb, delays, EQs and so on from Cubase. Not suited for multimedia speakers ;)"

monome kling glöckchen

monome kling glöckchen from occular on Vimeo.
"ittle monome impro of german christmas song on stretta's new tintinnabulome app. Merry Christmas !"
via Stretta

Soulwaxmas 2008 - Paul Chambers live

YouTube via TheWorldOfPaul. via the forum.
"Soulwaxmas 2008 - Paul Chambers live"

Ran Kirlian - Somnis (drone jam)

YouTube via RanKirlian
"Some fun with Waldorf Q filters and drifting pads from Oberheim OB12 and Access Virus Indigo. No additional audio effects. Video edition with Sony Vegas."

Treat Yourself :)