Polivoks POLYVOX Analog Synthesizer

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"Duophonic analog synthesizer, with a 49-note (F-E) keyboard. It features two VCOs, a noise generator, one LFO, a filter (low-pass and bandpass), and two ADSR envelope generators. VCO1 can be cross-modulated by VCO2. Each ADSR can be switched to auto-trigger, each with independent rates. The sound is quite rich and somewhat harsh and aggressive. This is more of a space-synth. You can be sure that you will have never heard the sounds this one can produce. It sounds like these old Yamaha CS-30's, but then fat filters like in Moogs. Produced in 1980x.

The supply voltage - 220-230V/50Hz. For use with 110/127V, a voltage converter is necessary. POLIVOKS has 5-DIN output connections (adapter to 1/4 jack included). No midi, no CV/Gate are installed. Dimensions - 780x490x195mm Weight of synth only - 23.00 kg (WITH packing)"

Moog Synthesizer Knob - HDR Macro

flickr by Maschinenraum

"You're missing something until you "View this Large On Black"

The Porsche 356 pendant for synth enthusiasts is the Moog Modular - and it's most memorable design detail is the knob. Here's as close as one can get to one - it's actually from a brand new replica module built by

4-exposure HDR used to cover all nuances from the shiny alloy faceplate to the black plastic rim. Sharpener Pro treatment for sharpest sharpness."

Spooky EMS VCS-3

flickr by jobenbelgium
"Self-playing patch made on the famous EMS VCS-3 aka The Putney."

Giant LED board

YouTube via SenorBon
"We built a giant LED board, about 6.5x6.5 feet, with 900 LEDs using ping-pong balls as diffusers. It can play Conway's Game of Life, Pong, and Sketch mode that allows you to create a starting pattern for Life. We output board state information to a MIDI board that allows us to make music based on what is displayed. This gets interesting with Life, creating minimalist generative music.
See pictures here:
Thanks to Evil Mad Scientists for their Peggy 2.0, upon which we based the circuit for our project."


YouTube via PHONICPOTION. S-CAT on Ebay

Joy Division Music Video BBC Version New 16:9 Version

YouTube via jonathanbeamish. ARP OMNI through a Melos DE1 analogue echo according to sweep in this prior post. Video description:
"Here is the new HQ 16:9 version Thanks to everyone who watched and commented on earlier version. A video by Jonathan Beamish for the earliest recorded version of the song produced as a
John Peel Session for the BBC in 1979.
The original band footage is a mixture of a performance video shot by the band for the single release (minus the damaged shots) and live concert excerpts from Plank, Brussels and the Apollo, Manchester. .
We needed to do some tricky retiming and editing to sync it up with the footage which is from completely different versions of the song.
Odd to discover that much of the original performance video done for the single release wasn't edited properly with much of the shots of the band playing not cut accurately to the audio"

Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Division

YouTube via vacicongo

Sonic Charge Synplant Makes Your Plugin Collection More Earth Friendly

YouTube via gearwire
"A few weeks back, Ford announced that their new hybrid cars would feature animated graphics of plants growing to teach drivers how to drive more efficiently. Little did we know that the synth world was preparing to fight global warming / prepare for the zombie apocalypse in much the same way."

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