Experimenting with Electronic Music - 1974

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"Published the very same year electro-industrial pioneers Kraftwerk released their breakthrough album "Autobahn," here's a wonderful, rare book covering virtually everything you ever wanted to know about music synthesis and reproduction. Within its pages is an overview of the history of electronic music, from RCA's tube-based Mark I to modern solid-state synthesizers, with photos of the Minimoog and the Moog Sonic Six, as well as the Tonus ARP 2500, 2600, and Soloist consoles. For you tinkerers out there, the book also contains numerous construction projects, including two (2) separate transistorized theremins complete with detailed alignment instructions. All projects come ready-to-build with full schematics and parts lists.

Contents include:
* Musical Electronics
History - Mechanical Tone Generation - Electronic Tone Generation - The Music Synthesizer

* Sound and the Electronic Signal
Sound - Harmonic Motion - The Sine Wave - Additive Synthesis - Square Wave - Sawtooth Wave - Beat Notes - The Envelope - White Sound - Using the Complex Wave

* The Instruments
Mechanical Tone Generators (string, wind, and percussive) - Experimenting

* Microphone and Pickup Applications
Principles - Ceramic and Crystal Applications - Homemade Ceramic - Homemade Percussion - Dynamic Microphones - Magnetic Pickups - Homemade Magnetic Pickup - Condenser - Impedance

* Building a Small Electric Organ
Tone Generation - General Construction - Tremolo Modulator - Mixer - Homemade Keyboards - Combining the Stages

* The Electronic Modifiers
Tremolo Circuit - Envelope Control Circuit - Trigger Circuit - Attack Envelope Generator Circuit - Photoelectric Modulator - Reverberation - Chime Device - "Fuzz" Circuit - Sustain Circuit

* Electronic Tone Generators
Multi-waveform Generator - Pink Noise Circuit - Two Theremin Projects - Automatic Percussion Circuit - The Almost Nightingale - Mini-Organ

* Odds and Ends
Two-Channel Mixer - Three-Channel Mixer - Voice Selector - Variable Bandpass Amplifier - Active High-Pass Filter - Resonant Filter - Tube Filter - Tape and Echo

Apart from a bit of cover wear, the book is in very good condition. Hardcover, 180 pages. First edition, copyright 1974."

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circuit bent KAWAI R-50e

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"Kawai R-50e Drum Machine Modified by Robert Green of

This modified device is an electronic drum synthesizer and sequencer capable of producing very unique synth percussion sounds and patterns. The mods offer hundreds of patch combinations which can effect the drum sounds in subtle or drastic ways creating beat mutations, digital filtering, synth tones, envelope warping, bizarre beats and electronic textures.

This unit has a 17 point banana jack patchbay and includes five stackable banana cables, an ac adapter and a PDF copy of the manual

Here are a few samples to demonstrate the quality..."

Also see the circuit bent Alesis HR-16 up for auction here and on their site.

KMD Drum Exciter Bias Coron Drum Synth

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"Here we have a very rare KMD Drum Exciter drum synthesizer module. The module is trigger sensitive and mounts directly to any drum. The module has the following knobs, Effect, noise, intensity, balance, rate, sweep, mode, decay, sweep, volume, decay, v.c.o. The unit has an FT/SW input and also a main out 1/4 inch jack. This unit sounds amazing, there is no other module that will do what this does."

POLIVOKS Soviet Minimoog Analog synth

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"Polivoks was designed by an engineering team lead by Vladimir Kuzmin from the Urals Vector Company later built by Formanta Radio Plant in the early 80's.
• This auction synth was made in July 1988 in USSR. Serial Number: 0788009
• Polivoks is one of the most popular vintage synths today because of its history and extraordinary industrial look. Many consider its sound capabilities to be comparable to a MiniMoog.
• POLIVOKS is a polyphonic 2 OSC analog synthesizer. It features a unique set of electronic parts, reliable keyboard (49 notes F–E) made in magnetically controlled contacts; synthesis modules consist of independent boards, which is convenient for maintenance.
• The synthesizer has 2-voices polyphony; each oscillator works with a keyboard note independently.
• Polivoks is housed in an original body of uncommon design with handy controls.
• Two types of filters – bandpass/lowpass and external input for cutoff control.
• Connection on the rear panel : on/off switch, OUTPUT on standard 1/4''jack, INPUT and Pedal input with 5-Din connectors, PHONES with 5-Din connector, power wire connection (220V), fuse (0,5A) ."

Roland Juno-6

Boomkai - Photoshoot 2008

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Moog Little Phatty

3 recent Serge tracks via Cebec

image is for "it's all right here"

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Also check out cebec's Virb page for more tracks featuring 100% Serge modular.

reverse key piano black

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CME controller in black


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"Bloom by Brian Eno & Peter Chilvers"
You can find Bloom here:

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