The Classic Synth Makers T-Shirt

via Todd Sines on AH:
"so I'm doing a run of these t-shirts

[kinda like the Roots shirt here]

If you think I've missed someone MAJOR let me know but Moog, Arp, Roland, Yamaha, Korg, EMS, Synton, PPG, Sequential / DSI, Oberheim, Roger Linn / Akai, Harald Bode are all represented here.

The ink will be a light ivory or possibly metallic foil [non rainbow, don't worry].. The shirts will be Black American Apparel Organic shirts [so you can use your existing AA shirt as a reference]

If you're interested, let me know and I will start to gather an order..

You can email your SHIRT ORDER TO
shirts at

In the subject, write the following:

in the body write the following
[SIZE] / [MALE or FEMALE cut] / QUANTITY [x]

like this:
L / M / 2
S / F / 1

would equal
2 large male shirts
1 small female shirt

Prices will be $22 shipped within the 48 continental and approximately another $6 per shirt sent overseas.

Payment will be via Paypal only, and you will receive an invoice after you've submitted your order.

The whole process of placing your order, gathering the final count, sending invoices, receiving payment, sending the artwork, getting the shirts made [having a local t-shirt house do the actual screening], filling the envelopes, applying postage and getting them in the post will probably be 45-60 days. So if you're in a hurry, go solder your own. :)


Note: Roland, Yamaha and KORG should probably be there. I forget the names, anyone know?


Ygt at home

YouTube via tommideluxe

Ygt 'flow' @ drop dynamite

"first song of our set at our first performance. visuals by William Darkin"

via Ygt:
"we are a band from the midlands in the UK, we are called ygt. We are both big fans of analogue equipment and we try to use as much of it as we can. ( and afford )

i thought the first video might be interesting for your blog,

live set up consists of:
2x Akai MPC100 one sequences midi and other is full of samplers.
MFB kraftzwerg that we use for bass and some drone and noise stuff.
vermona DRM-1
Moog Voyager
5 boss giga delays that are used for creating loops mostly.
electro harmonix voice box for the vocoder parts.
Korg ms10
korg Polysix which is used mostly for arpeggio parts.
We have the Modulation generator on the MS10 controlling the arpeggiator speed on the Polysix.
and loads of tuners.

We both love your blog and check it out everyday.

we are releasing a 12" on fear and records at the end of october.



YouTube via stretta
"I haven't released anything a capella in over a decade. Solo multitrack a capella is one of those things you can't perform live, which is one reason why I believe recorded music and live music are separate art forms. However, the idea of performing a polyphonic a capella piece live is still an interesting challenge. Of course, one can use delays or looper hardware, but I've often found the results lacking interesting compositional structure.

The recent Imogen Heap on David Letterman video got me thinking about performing an a capella piece in conjunction with a monome. The goal was to use just the monome and a microphone. No other gear or touching a computer is allowed. Also, no sequencers running backing tracks. This is somewhat of a challenge.

I recorded this as a two camera shoot - a Canon 5DmkII with a lens baby pointed at my head... well... the mic, and another video camera pointed at the monome so you can see what my hands are doing."

Mickey Mouse Abuse

YouTube via kamoni
"Some excerpts from Kamoni's live set using Ableton Live and a DrumKat. Includes some more jungle, dubstep, dnb improvised freestylin'."

An experimental theme

YouTube via attorks
"I have got to apologies for the camera position; I don't expect you are eager to see my hairy arms. But it was around midnight when I decided to make this clip and I also had to let the dog out before going to bed. So I had no second chance and just tried to capture the moment.
What you hear and see is basically some experimental music. Two 8 step sequences on the Doepfer MAQ16/3 are driving the self built Modular and the Creamware MiniMax ASB. Some strings from the Clavia Nord Lead 1 to get a layer; sometimes modulating the 2nd VCO's pitch to get some nice variation. And the odd bass from the Roland XP-80 to spice things up. Upon all that I am fiddling around with the Doepfer R2M Ribbon Controller which is connected with the CV outputs to the Modular. The resonance knob of the Q150 Transistor Ladder filter is on 10 and during the 'solo' I vary the frequency knob from 0 to around 5. I hope you like it."

Doepfer Sneak Peek

Doepfer Sneak Peek from niamhguckian on Vimeo.

"An interview with the great man himself, taken from the documentary 'Totally Wired'. Dieter talks about the inspiration for the A100 series, his collaborations with Kraftwerk, and the future of modular. Unmissable! 'Totally Wired' is available on DVD from"

Follow up to this Totally Wired post featuring Ken MacBeth

Analogue Solutions Semblance synthesizer

via this auction

* Pure analogue voice circuitry.
* Accurate SEM circuitry clone.
* Similar SEM size and layout.
* Extra features such as Sample and Hold.
* Plenty of modulation possibilities
* Rugged steel construction.
* MIDI In for software sequencer / keyboard control.

You can find the full specs and samples on the Analogue Solutions SEMblance page.

Sonic LAB: Kenton USB Solo

via Sonic State
via Kenton's USB Solo Page
"Features for USB SOLO
* Designed to control all types of mono-synth
* Super-fast response time
* Famous Kenton build quality
* Rugged brushed aluminium case
* CV and Aux1 outputs use high specification 16 bit D/A converters for rock-steady pitches
* Gate / S-trig output configurable output to match virtually any synth
* Aux2 & Aux3 outputs are on-off only (zero or 5V)
* Dedicated DIN socket output for Sync24
* CV/Gate/Aux1,2,3 outputs on 3.5mm jack sockets (3.5mm to 1/4" cables are available in our cables section)
* Any MIDI channel can be selected
* Switchable for V/oct & Hz/V & 1.2V/oct scaling systems
* Fine tune & scale are software controllable
* Transpose (coarse tune) - up & down 12 semitones
* Adjustable pitchbend range
* Programmable Gate V-trig (up to 15v) or S-trig (with or without pull-up)
* Multiple and single trigger modes - adjustable re-trigger time
* Note priority selection - newest / lowest / highest
* Old notes are remembered to facilitate trill effects and increase playability
* Portamento - fixed rate or fixed time modes
* Auto Portamento mode selectable (where legato playing turns on Portamento)
* Portamento Controller is selectable
* Programmable Auxilary outputs controllable by any MIDI controller
* Programmable LFO - 9 wave shapes inc. random
* LFO can modulate pitch &/or AUX output
* Separate Controllers for LFO to CV and LFO to AUX
* LFO can be synchronised to MIDI clock
* LFO sync point can be selected
* Key-on can reset LFO
* Aux3 output can output clock - Aux2 can output stop-start
* Clock output can select from 1 to 12, 24, or 48 clocks per quarter note
* All parameters are controllable in real-time by SysEx
* Set-ups are stored in non-volatile memory for easy recall
* 40 memory locations for store / load
* MIDI monitor mode - for easy MIDI troubleshooting
* USB powered
* Size 130mm x 97mm x 40mm
* Suitable for use with XP / Vista / MAC OS-X v10.2 onwards / Linux

Improvements over Pro-Solo mkII
* USB connection - faster data transfer
* Has 40 memories which can be stored and recalled
* Setups pre-loaded for popular synths
* Dedicated DIN Sync-24 output
* Aux 2 & 3 on 3.5mm jacks
* Variable gate-off time for re-trigger (multiple trigger)
* LFO start point can now be selected for Sample & Hold too
* Aux 2 & 3 have adjustable threshold
* Program changes can be used to recall memories

Socket upgrades for Analogue Synthesisers

For those monosynths without the necessary inputs, Kenton have a range of Socket upgrades to enable you to add those all-important CV, Gate & Filter sockets and sometimes a few others too. We can fit such sockets for you or, alternatively, supply a kit of parts and instructions. Please look at our Socket upgrades page for further information."

Treat Yourself :)