Machinedrum vs. Acidlab Bassline 2

YouTube via SuicideServer
"This is the first Acid Test with my new Toys - the elektron machinderum and the Acidlab Bassline 2. Shoutz to Mainjack and RRKS and all of the Acid Allstars"

acidlab bassline2 tap programming

YouTube via glumc
"editing the pattern on the fly"

acidlab bassline2 `rock+roll`

"using the length and the roll function in the tap write mode ..."

acidlab bassline tap write

bassline2 audio in

"sending a electribe through the filter of the bassline, and use some effects"

acidlab bassline2 FM In

"using the FM in, to modulate the filter with the audio out of a drum-machine"

Acidlab bassline + FreakDestroyer

Here is my voicechanger witch few modifications: pitch knob, audio in, audio out, cutoff switch and new casing hehhehehhehe."

Acidlab bassline + Boss dr 202

YouTube via TuneFRK

acidlab bassline 1 dry sound

YouTube via wickfut
"Just a quick show piece to show people what this little bit of kit does."

acidlab bassline and some drums

TB303 x0xb0x WASP Overdrive def Daft style

YouTube via BIM0X
"hey hey :P 303 clone i customised with an overdrive i designed with my hands of dilettante"

Novation • BassStation Rack / TR-606

YouTube via bostich1
"Novation • BassStation Rack , TR-606 , Electro-Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe , Sequencer by Future Retro Revolution."

Side note: I noticed something intersting in this video. It's in stereo and I did not have to add fmt=18 to the embeded URL. Maybe YouTube is supporting stereo out of the box now? That would be nice as it would save us all the extra link and notes in the video descriptions. If you post stereo YouTube vids, be sure to check before adding the note on fmt=18.

Casiokids: Fot i Hose

YouTube via Obstfelder. KORG MicroPreset, Casio SK-1, and more.
"Music video for the song: "Fot i Hose" by the norwegian band Casiokids.
Visit at: or
Video by Aslak Helgesen"

Maestro USS-1

flickr by zonkout

full size

"Universal Synthesizer System: the Oberheim effects in one box."

Anyone know if any of the filter design made it into the SEM? Curious how they compare.

Maestro Rhythm N' Sound G2 + pals below
"Yamaha YC-10
Multivox FR-13"

Professor Eliot Glacier aboard the PAiA Fatman

flickr by stickjones
(click for more)

And a nice Frac Rack Modular Synth below

Tokyo Melody (Ryuichi Sakamoto) Part 1/7

YouTube via dvdborn
"A film about Ryuichi Sakamoto by Elizabeth Lennard. 1985"
You can find parts 2 - 6 on DVDBORN

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