mbp pickup

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"Another thing I learnt at the Nicolas Collins workshop - pick-up microphone recording the internal sounds of the laptop. Just some compression and a little reverb on the signal..."

"Lady lady lady lady" - on Kawai MS-20

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"This melodi was originally recorded by Joe Esposito and apparantly it was part of the soundtrack from "Flashdance". I recorded it in 2000 when I was an unemployed newly graduated electronics engineer. This is also the reason that it might not be 100% correctly interpreted. But I still find it rather charming.

Since I cannot recreate the circumstances under which it was recorded - I lived in another house back then and looked different myself too - I decided to record the video in a completely different environment. I am not usually in the habit of showing undressed men in my videos! But this sculpture which is placed near the beach in the Danish city Esbjerg is showing four oversized - and luckily not anatomically completed - concrete men overlooking the sea. It is called "Mennesket ved havet" ("Man meets the sea") and is made by the artist Svend Wiig Hansen.

The instrument I used was: Yamaha HE-8 (harmonies, chords, and bass), Technics SX-C600 (strings and vibraphone), Yamaha PSS-12 (chords), Kawai MS-20 (melodi), and Yamaha SX soundcard (arpeggios)."

TaraBusch plays Outkast's "Hey Ya!"- Moogerfoogers & Mellotron....


Tara Bush on AudioBoo
"Yes, my foots-ies were surfing the 2 pedals. Utter dorkdom with expression pedals riding Ring Mod mix and Delay time. Felt as if playing a pump organ. Mellotron MKII guitar and piano combo, secret recipe. Kind of got happy w/ delay feedback, but it's the kind of day! : )"

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Michel Waisvisz - 2004

"Michel Waisvisz
The Hands and Crackle Synth
No Backup Concert

1976 - 1983 The Crackle Synthesizer

PLL Ringmod

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"Doepfer A-196 PLL tracks Plan B M15 VCO. PLL output passes through Plan B M12 bandpass filter and then is ring modulated with the M15 sine output. The result goes to the Makenoise QMMG. The background is a Cwejman VCO-6 sine going to Doepfer A-137 wave multiplier, then ring modulated with Cwejman MMF-1. The result goes to the Cwejman VCA-4MX and is then panned at audio rate by a Cwejman VCO-2RM. Sequence is from Doepfer A-160/1, A-152, A-143-3 and Plan B M14."

electro percussion lab

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"four new analog drum circuits inspired by the TR808, sequenced by algorithms. dronematrix is being gated thru the toms.

birdbox (white box) is the sequencer
JBoT (black box) is the toms & dronematrix
cowbell is the middle board
the front board is a bastard circuit based on the 909 rimshot."

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