What is Frequency Modulation? 1, the concept.

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"This is the first of 3 videos covering frequency modulation and the Operator synth. This Was made in a previous version of Operator but the concepts and techniques are still very valid. These videos were made to go along with my Advanced Production in Ableton Live, but didn't make it into the course, so I thought everyone could benefit here on youtube and my blog( http://loudonstearns.berkleemusicblog... ) instead!"

What is Frequency Modulation? 2, Simple Ratios

"This video goes into more practical applications of Frequency Modulation synthesis. The importance of simple ratios between the Carrier and Modulators is stressed. The techniques are shown on the Operator Synth in Ableton Live, but can be applied on any synth that includes FM."

I'll post part 3 when it goes up. DIY

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You'll find various projects featured including the ribbon controller, XR-01, ESM2, Gakken SX-150 with MIDI, and more.

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Thanksgiving Ableton Live + Novation Launchpad Jam: Too many turkeys

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"Improvising with the Novation Launchpad and Ableton Live. At the end I even pretend to play keys! :o"

Magneto-Conga - Self Player Conga - Big Business

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"magnetic sequencer w/ three conga tones

using three Hall Effect Sensors

dc speaker is pulse width modulated for speed control
mangets are placed on spinning mole can to make rhythms
three channels - as many magnets are you can fit on it
i only have four magnets right now sorry
three twin-tee drum tones and small amp

i was lazy and put them all on the same transformer
im going to put another supply in just for the audio section
but the motor interacting w/ the amp is funny

was orig built on piece of wood as base - and then built case
around unit from scrap

dave wright"

Arduinome 64 with Starfire Logic board and Livid buttons

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"Exactly what it says, arduinome using my logic board and also the button PCB I made for the Livid buttons, I call it the Starnome LOL!"

"Torden over Herning" - on Roland SH-2000 and CASIO SA-1

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"This melody was something I made back in 1997 when I lived in Hammerum - a village placed a couple of miles west of Herning near the big sculpture I showed in the "la isla bonita" video (except that the sculpture wasn't build in 1997).
The story behind this weird piece of music was that I had just finished repairing an old Grundig TK125 de luxe tape recorder that I had bought at a jumble sale. At the moment I switched it on to test it a thunderstorm broke out and I thought it could be fun to try and record the sound of it. I placed a microphone in the open window and recorded ten minutes of violent summer thunder on tape.
Later I used the best parts of it to make this melody. Some of it is played directly from the tape. Other parts I stored in the Yamaha VSS-30 sampler and played using the keys.

To illustrate the melody I took a walk in the autumn rain in the area where I lived. The places are:

1:43 - the house where the melody was made.
1:53 - Knudmoseværket, the regions power plant
1:57 - the art museum
2:38 - the university and educational area
2:43 - the shopping centre
3:22 - Utzon House

I play the melody on Roland SH-2000 synthesizer and CASIO SA-1 toy keyboard. The bass is played on CASIO SA-3 toy keyboard through a Boss OC-2 octaver, the rhytm is played on Roland CR-1000 drum machine, and the (a bit too loud) strings are played on a Kawai MS-20."

the great gig in the sky

YouTube via graal7. "motif xs 8 +nordwave" Pink Floyd


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"This is not intended to be a musical performance but merely a demonstration of a voltage controlled oscillator I patched up from several NOR gates and lag processors whose mistracking of an applied control voltage creates pleasant artifacts reminiscent of the Doepfer A-196 Phase Locked Loop."

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