Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 00063

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"Pieces that are missing/ not functioning :

5 screws in the back

22 knobs

The original pot on the frequency knob on the Lfo - mod section

The switch on the freq A on the Lfo - mod section doesn't turn on.


The first four keys on the lowest octave are warped and stuck together.

53 out 76 keys work

When you plug in a midi keyboard all the keys work great

What works

Roland SH-5 Monophonic Synthesizer

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"Rland SH-5 monophonic synthesizer

Looks 8.75 of 10
Looks better than average but controller panel looks a bit aged. Please see pictures.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
Change all electrolytic capacitors and short life transistors, opamps and logis ICs with new ones,
and keys knobs,

Roland System-100 Model-101 Analog Synthesizer

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"Priced to sell due to cosmetic condition!

Located in the USA! No need to hassle with Japan!

This synth has severe cosmetic wear!

Damage includes but is not limited too: chipped paint, rust spots, burnt black key, discoloration of white keys and or case paint, rusty knob caps...

The sound is incredible!

It is 100% fully functional!"

Convolution by mudlogger

Convolution by mudlogger from mudlogger on Vimeo.

"Mannequins Mangrove Oscillator modulated by Just Friends, sequenced by a Monome Grid and Monome Ansible using Meadowphysics, no samples used. Pink noise is filtered with Mannequins Three Sisters providing a random clock. This also uses ER301 new convolution reverb."

Møffenzeef Mødular REVPØL DEMØ

Published on Sep 20, 2017 Møffenzeef Mødular

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This cheap and simple little chicklet gøes between yøur mødule and yøur busbøard. In the event øf accidental backwards pøwer, the cømpønents øn this bøard bløw beføre yøur expensive mødule døes! Think øf it like a fusebøx før yøur mødules.

Are yøu using a mødule that døesn't have reverse pølarity


Published on Sep 20, 2017 once upon a synth

"Elektron Digitakt sampling demo where I use a single synth as a sound source. I start off by making 4 percussion sounds including a kick, snare, tom, hi-hat and bell. Then I make a bass, lead and pad sound. I then sample these sounds into the 8 tracks on the Digitakt. Finally, I tweak the sounds and make a beat at the end.

The synth used here is the

Akai VX600 Synthesiser SN 30615-00983

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"Overall, the synth is in superb working condition. The front panel is very clean, with hardly a mark to be seen, just small blemishes. The aluminium side panels are really tidy with only minor marks. The back panel is very clean with only minor blemishes to the paintwork.

All knobs, sliders, buttons and switches are present, original and function correctly.

The unit has


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"New style Modcan case with internal power supply
Cynthia Super Psycho LFO
Modcan 04A Envelope Generator
Modcan 01A Oscillator (new style)
Modcan 10A Multimode Filter
Modcan 11A Mixer/Panner
Modcan 25A Interface

This is a complete voice. Great as a starter system or add Modcan magic to any 5U
or Serge system.

All modules working well and in nice cosmetic condition."

BEMI BUCHLA EASEL w/ iProgram Card & Extras

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"Early issue Easel. Updated power supply board, power distro board and new 218e touchplate.
Includes iProgram Card, preset cards, BEMI bag with shorting bars and cables and original box."

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