Schneider TM @SchneidersBuero

Schneider TM @SchneidersBuero from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

"For roundabout 20 years already we are in touch with Schneider TM alias Dirk Dresselhaus - one half of DIE ANGEL - busy generating electronic music, installations and well respected concerts and records. After he played a live gig on the seaside stage inside SUPERBOOTH17 we are now talking about motivating his friends and partners for



FLEKSI - 78 3 Jam

Published on Nov 17, 2017 Fleksi TV

"Live testing my new set up. Added Novation Circuit. Also using an updated version of Audiobus."

In The Woods (DSI Mopho, Ableton Live & Push)

Published on Nov 17, 2017 Jan Zatloukal

"Drone jam session called 'In The Woods' with background video from dogwalk.


DSI Mopho (controlled by Novation Mininova)
Ableton Live & Push

Dogwalk video - SJCAM SJ4000
Studio video - iPhone 5S with DIY timelapse holder/rotator (kitchen timer :-))

Video processed in Movie Studio 14"

This Is Not Rocket Science - Tuesday (TINRS)

Published on Nov 17, 2017 DivKidVideo

"What a fantastic and inspirational little module this is!

I've had Tuesday for a while now and it's an amazing little module for getting things moving quickly. It's algorithm based sequencing with 4 default (hold the button until it flashes and you can change defaults etc, all very simple and the manual is well

Analog Four - Playing Some Presets

Published on Nov 15, 2017 Synth & Sundry

"Finding some Elektron Analog Four presets we like and testing them out."

SoundsDivine's - Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Presets

SoundsDivine's 'Binary Worlds 1' - Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

Published on Nov 17, 2017 SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Binary Worlds 1' soundset for Spectrasonics' Omnisphere 2 synthesizer."

SoundsDivine's 'Binary Worlds 2' - Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

SoundsDivine's '

Analogue Solutions Mr Hyde and Dr Strangelove synthBlocks Signal Processors Now Available

"AS announces availability of Mr Hyde and Dr Strangelove synthBlocks signal processors

KINGSWINFORD, UK: British boutique electronic instruments innovator Analogue Solutions is proud to announce availability of Mr Hyde and Dr Strangelove — introducing its synthBlocks series of small and affordable desktop signal processors with two tantalisingly-named new products squarely aimed at laptop and

Matrix II Homemade Analog Synthesizer

Published on Nov 17, 2017 Sbranvlztronics

"Matrix II Homemade Analog Synthesizer brief description, showing the front panel with its 64 potentiometers, 100 jacks patch matrix, and listing the 24 modules.

3 VCOs, 4 dual VCAs, 2 moog ladder VCFs, 2 LFOs, 3 ADSRs, VC Phaser, VC Delay, Divider, Sample & Hold, CV Lag, 2 Inverters, 4 channel mixer, Ring Modulator, Noise generator,

Welcome to

Rasp: Model 15 by MOS-LAB.

Published on Nov 17, 2017 Resonant Anvil

"Some VCF, Fixed Filter Bank, and ADRS effects. Patch at around 2'40 is to the VCF control input, and comes from the LFO of a Moogerfooger MF-103 12-stage phaser. All audio is from the Model 15. Fullest sound from headphones."

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