Broken Oscillator

YouTube via nevenen. "Wat's wrong with my VCO??? Should I keep it this way?"

making a "hoover" on the mks 50, slicing it with the SL20 and jamming with it on a C@132 BPM

YouTube via muzik4machines
"I got a few requests for sound tutorials/demo so here's an easy one, the simili-hoover, and as I can't stop just tweaking, a little jam at the end(see comments for links to the time it starts being a jam) and annotation to show some of what I do as my camera sucks to get stereo sound/ widescreen embeds use &fmt=22 at the end of the URL

gear used
Korg ESX1: All Sequences/Drums
Yamaha TX81z: Reverby/Pumpy Sawtooth Bass (chain:TX81z-Akai MFC42-Alesis Nanoverb-DBX266 ch1 (pump)-ch2 (Compression)-Mixer)
Roland MKS50: Hoover/Saw/Lead/Pumpy Synth (Chain MKS50-Boss SL20-DBX266-Zoom RFX2200-Mixer)
Redsound SoundBite Pro: Vocals/looping
Korg Kaoss pad 2: Tempo Delay
Korg Kaoss Pad 3: Loops, Looper(snare rolls), Grainshifter
Korg Kaossilator: Noise Sweeps (path: K01-Mini KP(Delay)-Mixer)
Korg ER1: Beatbox AND sidechain signal (Chain: left out-ProCo Turbo Rat-Boss V-Wha-Mixer)
DX200: Fm E-piano, pads, 303-esque sequences, etc (Chain: Left Out-Boss DD5 delay-Mixer)
Motu Midi Mixer 7s: My mixer, controlled by the BCF2000)
Kawai Midi Patchbay:Guess
DBX MC 6: Output Compressor

NOT used:
a computer, besides recording it; no edition, no mastering, What you hear is what I send out of the main outs"

trippin with my Max 5 synth together with generative music patch and transport bar

YouTube via jamesvla
"this is my last youtube video where I show you me trippin up with my new max 5 synthesizer in its last encarnation, together with a generative music patch and the Max 5 transport bar"

drum and bass hardware demo

YouTube via filtersweeperVCO
"Cubase sequencing various synths: Waldorf, Neptune 2, Juno 106, and MPC running beats. Some filtering done by Sherman filterbank."

Roland SH 1000 phat phunk son

YouTube via filtersweeperVCO
"Playing some electronic funk on the Roland SH 1000"

TB303+TR707 DEMO

YouTube via etonepan

Analogue Synthesizer ETI Project circa 1979

via this auction
"This ETI Synthesizer project was built around 1979 by my father, the modules all worked when I powered them up recently (the original keyboard and power supply is not available due to someone connecting the mains to a +/- 12Volt input!) The modules consist of :

4 x VCOs
2 x VCFs
2 x VC Variable state filters
1 x Reverb unit
2 x VC Mixers
1 x Noise/Sample & Hold module
1 x DRF
1 x Ring Modulator
2 x Dual ADSR modules
2 x Dual VCAs
1 x Dual Envelope Generator
1 x VC Envelope Generator
1 x D-A Convertor
1 PA (not tested)"


pics in order:
OLD SOUNDS 2008 @ NMS Photo by Yuan Zhiying
Doepfer A100 Modular System
My studio gears 2006
Be sure to check out sonicbrat's myspace for more

Sonicbrat on MATRIXSYNTH

If-Morebass 20-12-08

YouTube via enclavevision
"If Records 13th birthday compilation launch,20 December 2008,at More Bass,Melbourne."
Beginning features bits of a 4 way korg ds-10 live jam. You can find 28 minutes of the jam here.

Expert Sleepers Minky Starshine

via Seth on AH:
"I'm surprised that in all of this discussion nobody's mentioned additive synthesis (or at least if they have I don't recall it). I have an interesting soft synth called Minky Starshine, from Expert Sleepers, which lets you adjust the harmonics, control any of them with any of three envelope generators and modulate them with LFOs. On top of that, it shows you what the resulting wave will look like. If someone could send the desired levels of the harmonics in decimal format (i.e., fundamental at full volume is 1.0, next harmonic is 0.75, third is 0.5, etc.) for what the various waves are supposed to be I can plug them in and post some screenshots of the resulting waveforms. Maybe I'll even dig out my scope as well.

It's darn cool and it's only $29. You can play with it all you want in demo mode as well.

I'm not usually a fan of soft synths, but this is one of the ones I like, mostly because it's so unique."

Official description:
"Minky Starshine is at heart an additive synthesiser, augmented with possibilities for subtractive synthesis (i.e. filtering) and pulse width modulation.

A waveform is created by summing 16 independently controllable 'partials'. By setting the relative levels of the partials appropriately you can create familiar waveforms such as sawtooth and squarewave, but you can also create an infinite range of timbres in between.

As well as simply setting the levels of the partials, you can flexibly assign them to three 'groups'. Each group has a very flexible envelope generator and an LFO, so you can change the balance of the partials (and therefore the timbre of the sound) over time.

The LFOs have a wide frequency range and can also be used as ring modulators.

The waveform as a whole can have its pulsewidth controlled. An envelope and LFO is provided, as well as control by note velocity.

A resonant filter is available, capable of lowpass, bandpass and highpass and a continuous range in between. Again, control by envelope, LFO and note velocity are possible.

A flexible modulation section is provided, capable of chorus, flange and delay effects.

The factory presets showcase some of the range of sounds that can be produced.

If you'd like to read more about the plug-in before downloading it, the user manual is online here."

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