The Triple Drum Trigger - V1.00 betac

YouTube via dolphinicus
"This is the 1st video of my new innovation / invention. Then module is capable of sending 1, 2 or 3 different triggers (Decay control voltages) out to different areas! Depending on how high in the incoming voltage is (in this video - how hard I hit the drum pad), the user is able to determine which outputs will be active! Each output has a Reference Level; Decay Time and Output Amount control."

EMS Synths and POP Music

YouTube via telesynth. Note there are some Not Safe for Work clips in this one.
"EMS synthesizers used by Hawkwind, Pink Floyd and Roxy Music. From the documentary 'What the Future Sounded Like'."
Prior posts featuring "What the Future Sounded Like" here.

EMS - music by ems / video by extraG

YouTube via extragdotcom. No, not that EMS.
"new york's electro "ems" by ems - satamile records SAT02 -

video by gloria dostal machnowski

At a top roof in the Lower East Side is almost the year 2000, oscilloscopic waves drawn by the electro sound itself. Analog sound shot in New York City: TR606, Roland MC4 and home made CMS02 modular synthesizer.

Stephen Machnowski uses his home-built synths and drum machines for his ems project (electro music specialist)

ems at the itunes music store: [link 404s at the vid]

Gloria Machnowski's videos had been exhibited, among other venues, at the New York Not Still Art Festival, Detroit VideoFest, Fashionlab, The Zeitgeist Gallery, Brooklyn's Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival, ICI Buenos Aires, Videoformes in France, Mtv's amp and De Olho Nu Festival in the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil."

Moog Rogue

Yamaha SHS-10 Keytar Black

via this auction

"Yamaha SHS-10B... It's just like the more common SHS-10R, but it is black instead of red."

Inside My OSCar

You'll find more images with details on insidemyOSCar

Roland System 100 Service Manuals

You can find them here via florian anwander.

Synth Stories

A thread by Ralph of insidemyOSCar went up on the Analogue Heaven mailing list asking people to share their funny synth stories. Here are my two entries, followed by a funny one from If you have any feel free to send them in and I'll update this post. I'll also add this to the More Stuff section towards the bottom right of the site.

My stories:
Several years back I went to Maui. I set my wife up with expectations that we would hit every single pawn shop while there. We never got around to it until the last day when we were partially sunburnt and just plain beat. I convince my wife to trek around the island. Over two hours of hitting pawn shops with nothing but jewelry we give up. On the way back to the hotel I see one. I ask her if we can go in and she says hell no. I then see a Taco Bell right next to it and realize its about lunch time and we are pretty hungry. I say how about Taco Bell? :) I manage to get us a quick look in the pawn shop and sitting in the back I see a beige drum machine. I think, no, it can't be. I'm thinking it's probably just a TR-707, but when I get up to it, it's the 909. I pick it up and aside from being dusty it's in prestine condition. I see a few amps and ask if I can try it out. They go searching for a cable for about 15 minutes and can't find one. I'm thinking maybe it's busted, but I look for a price and see a little sticker on it. 220, no $. I think, no way... that can't be the price. I ask someone and it happens to be the owner of the shop. I shout accross the room "is 220 the price?!" The response? Oh, I can take $30 off of it! I whip out my credit card. Cash only. I have no cash. I ask him if there is an ATM near by. He says there's one accross the street, but he's closing shop as he has a movie to catch. He suggests the next day, but my plane leaves before they open. I ask him to give me five minutes. I run accross the street (think hwy/mini freeway), get the cash and run back. I get back and I see him locking up the doors. I get that sinking feeling in my stomach. He turns around and he has the 909! I pay for it and head back to the hotel. It's in pristine condition both cosmetically and functionally.

Another story, this one short. I went to a local guitar center and they had a Pro-One sitting there. I ask them if I can try it out and the guy says yes but it's broken - one note just hangs. Their tech looked at it and couldn't figure it out. I buy it for $125, take it home, open it up and bend a j-wire so it isn't in constant contact with the bar. Worked perfectly after that. :)
"the sh09 and sixtrak i found in a farmers barn , covered in hay and i mouse nest in the sixtrak was an interesting find , both were just rust buckets , but looked great chromed , and the sh black and orange , both are on my home page ,
jeff : )"

Update: see the comments for more. I also added a link to the More Stuff section twoards the bottom right of the site.

ARP 4027-1 VCO Clone

MM8027 Module - ARP 4027-1 VCO
"Overview This is a clone of the ARP 4027-1 VCO that was used in the ARP 2600 as well as the basis for the VCO's in every other ARP synthesizer from 1972. This replication has been carried out with care and detailed research, including borrowing a recently serviced ARP 2600 to test out the capabilities of the VCO design, to ensure I could achieve or even improve upon the original ARP design."

More info on The Emulator Archive

Top image is the original ARP 4027-1 VCO
Bottom two are the clone

circuit bent effects casio va-10

YouTube via spunkytoofers
"another from the casio va-10. just wanted to demo the added looper in the feedback path."

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