Moog Source

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"This was the replacement for the minimoog in 1981 and sounds incredible for bass and leads. Truly a sonically perfect monophonic synthesizer."

Alesis Ion

ARP 2600

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"It is a 2601 model and features the Arp 4072 filter. It is a really lovely sounding machine. The modules inside are not encapsulated, making it very easy to service. This is one of the more desirable 2600s in that along with not having encapsulated modules, Arp used better jacks on this model, that were hand-wired to the circuit boards. All slider caps are present, as is the original lid for the 2600 console and the keyboard. The keyboard is a 3604-P version, and works well. All keys trigger just fine. The keys are all a little stiff, but everything seems to work just fine (I mostly use the 2600 with step sequencers)."

Roland Jupiter-8

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Inside a Roland Jupiter-8

05-25-2008 Buchla Perdita HIGH

YouTube via jaqkuraj. follow-up to this post.
"Drums and keyboard: Jacqui Kuraj
Buchla: Bill Lefferts Brown
Saxophone: Steve Buchanan
Bass Guitar: Rick Iannacone"

Electribe MX Close-ups

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"More fooling around.
High quality enabled."

junglinge : the video manual 1

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"more from bandasonica.
Junglinge is for people wanting to annoy other people, but with some attitude :D
the soundtrack is "clean" and fresh from the iPhone DAC (headphone port)
No effects or postproductions damage done
Pretty nice (at least for me...)"
You can find junglinge here:

Dzhem - lighta (MPC 1000, MOOG Prodigy)

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"funny hiphop track with my fav MPC and Moog Prodigy


OTODUST 2 - Music Gadgets Festival

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"オトダスト2(OTODUST 2)ダイジェストムービーモバイルDTMこと音楽ガジェットの祭典「オトダスト」の第二回 目。今回は原宿のEX'REALMにてYAMAHA TENORI-ONをフィーチャー。もちろんDS-10やSX- 150も登場。 MC: モトダ, DJエンパチ 出演: L-eye 杉井清久(YAMAHA)西堀佑(YAMAHA) 'NEMO mion 乗り子アンサンブル ... "
"Otho Dust 2 (OTODUST 2) DTM DAIJESUTOMUBIMOBAIRU festival of music gadget to dust "Otho" second. Harajuku EX'REALM at the YAMAHA TENORI-ON features. Of course DS-10 and SX-150 appeared. MC: MOTODA, DJ Blink encoding Cast: L-eye Sugii Kiyohisa (YAMAHA) Nishibori Yuu (YAMAHA) 'NEMO mion child riding ensemble."


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