JayB's Patches for Yamaha S80 and CS6x (New Video)

YouTube via Hanni13579
"Hi there! This is my fresh video with partly new sounds from my S80/CS6x sound bank. Actually there are many more to present, but as a matter of time, I only chose a few. The bank can be downloaded for free at"

Musikmesse: Reactable Experience - 1 - Messe 2009

YouTube via MusicmarketingCanada
"This is 21st century tactile sound synthesis of the Star Trek kind. Wow! You are inside the synthesizer and you are working it with your hands. Bjork uses one live."

New Akai APC40 Website

You can see when I grabbed the screen capture. :)

CASIO SK5 - Frankie Knuckles - Your Love

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"Your Love" played on a CASIO SK-5.

More Info on the MMM HandyCon

via George Mattson on the Official MMM wiki: "I'm going to break the traditional descriptive format for describing these modules for this one and just talk.

The HandiCon is a contraction of Hand (i or y) Con troller. I spelled it both ways on the graphic because the spelling doesn't matter. It sounds the same either way and gets the point across.

The complete system consists of two parts: the control module (shown) that mounts in the case and a controller device that is connected through the DB25 connector.

The DB25 connector was my choice because I needed a lot of wires to connect the two parts and "typical" available connectors were too big or too pricey for what I needed. Also, if you need another or longer cable, just run down to the local electronics outlet or computer store and grab a DB25 cable. Just make sure it's pin-for-pin straight through and uses all 25 pins. Easy. Widely and easily available and no big proprietary connector and cable. The signals are all analog. There are no digital signals used for the pair. Even though it makes it look hi-tech, it was just a matter of convenience, cost and space.

There are seven identical, independent channels so we'll focus on one. Lets just pick PL (far left column).

The switch allows you to select either a +V, -V or external CV signal (if one is patched to the jack). The control panel sends it out the DB25 connector to the controller half. The Min/Max attenuator at the top of the column allows you to set the desired output level for the processed CV. The CV out jacks allow you to patch the processed CV's wherever you would like to use them.

I based the controller off of the left-hand controller I designed for the Syntar in 1979, except I won't be using fish hooks. :)

Place your left hand on a flat surface and just rest it there totally relaxed. Imagine a plunger at the end of each finger that slides under your palm when you curl your finger or thumb. Your palm is resting on a small half-dome rise.

Beneath those plungers are attenuators that process the CV's coming down the cable from the control panel and send the signal back to the control panel.

Therefore the seven channels are:
PL: Palm Left
PR: Palm Right
LF:Little Finger
RF:Ring Finger
MF:Middle Finger
IF:Index Finger

Whatever CV signals that are selected for the channels are controlled by your left hand movements. The attenuators on the control panel limit the output amount of the CV to allow for full travel limit settings. For instance, you use your ring finger to process a +V CV going to the 1V/O input of a VCO. The panel attenuator lets you limit the full-stop finger travel to say...a third, minor 7th, fifth...whatever interval you choose. Now, multiply that CV processing control by 7 channels.

This was actually the first module I designed. I need to prototype the hand controller but I have to carve out a time slot to do it. It's going to be pretty slick.


Mattson Mini Modular

Didgeridoo Improvisation - custom built controller for Max/MSP sound processing and synthesis

YouTube via yakthekyle
"This is a demonstration of my homemade didgeridoo controller. The controller communicates with Max/MSP via serial communication using a handmade micro controller circuit based on the ATMega 168 chip. I have it set up to control several levels of modulation, filters, delays and also trigger samples."


YouTube via ripe909 "problem demonstration"

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