Going modular

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"My first steps towards an analog modular synthesizer. Here's 4 clones of Buchla's 281function generator, 2 clones of Buchla's 292 lo-pass gate and 1 clone of Roland's M185 Sequencer."

Dynacord ADD ONE + ADD DRIVE Drum Sampler

via this auction. via the forum.
"This is probably the best drum sampler ever made. Sample rates at 12 bits * 50Khz with independent filters for each sample ( the same as Sequential Circuits Studio 440 ).
It has internal re-trigger and re-sequencing ( so you can trigger the whole machine with just one hit ) and numerous modulation possibilities.
The ADD ONE unit has 8 channels who can be used to trigger any sound from the sound bank and the ADD DRIVE adds sampler capability to it, so you can use any sound you wish.
8 Independent outputs + Stereo out + Mono out, and midi I/O/T
It also has 8 trigger inputs + hihat (open/close) which allows you to connect it directly to any digital drums or any trigger.

The sound on this thing is amazing, very powerful and "alive", it has that classic MPC-60 / Linn / DMX 12bit quality and punch but it sounds "better" somehow ( probably thanks to the very high sample frequency ) and the interface is very simple and intuitive."

You can see a video of one here.

modulator_esp's live New Years Eve 2009 Set

You might remember the event from these posts. You can find modulator_esp's set here.

via modulator_esp on the forum.

MIDIbox SeqV3: Sync and Flow (demo #3)

MIDIbox SeqV3: Sync and Flow (demo #3) from Stuart Mitchell on Vimeo.
"a demo of the Midibox Sequencer v3.4a, a DIY-project
includes my favorite features and cool new functions from v3.4
mainly, I did this because of the new MIDI Sync function, which enables me to move back and forth between tracks in the sequencer and Ableton Live on my laptop,
or jam both together, all in a continuous running groove

see and for more info on the project

featured tracks:
Paragraphenreiter (in MBSeq)
Sunset Express (in Live 7)
Wohnwand 2 (in MBSeq)

machines used:
Sequencer: Midibox Seq V3.4 (DIY)
Drums: Novation DrumStation and Korg Electribe ER-1
Synth: Novation K-Station, DSI Evolver, Waldorf Microwave XT, Roland MKS-50, Clavia Nord MicroModular
Ableton Live 7 with Korg NanoKontrol"

Appendage as Keyboard Modulation Controller

YouTube via ScottStites
"The Appendage is patched as a keyboard modulation controller controlling three parameters from a single control surface: Filter cutoff, Triangle Vibrato at one frequency, and Pulse Vibrato at a higher frequency. The position of the initial pressure controls filter cutoff. Sliding up from the initial point of pressure introduces triangle vibrato. Sliding down from the initial point of pressure introduces pulse vibrato."

Workspace and Environment: Stretta on TRASH_AUDIO

"On Hardware and Software
There are few reasons for hardware outside of controllers anymore. All new advances in synthesis and sound processing will occur in software. That said, I haven't found anything in software that can replicate the experience of working with a hardware modular. I enjoy working with my hands and I find using a modular is, well... fun."

See the full interview on TRASH_AUDIO.

Korg Kaossilator Cards

flicrk by James Haskin

These cards came with the Korg Kaossilator.

Program Category List
Gate Arpeggiator Pattern List

Speech of A-100 & Sheman Filterbank

YouTube via inbetweenmovements
"My modular system starts to talk! Pure analog patch."

COLOSSUS Mini mint tin synth and sequencer kit.

YouTube via MarbleMad. WATCH YOUR SPEAKERS AT :32.
"2 Kits from ClockworkRobot.

The first is an 'Atari Punk' based synth
The second is an 8 stage voltage control sequencer tuned to work well but not exclusively with synth.

the kits are designed to they can fit inside an altoids mint tin although they by no means have to be enclosed in such.

You can order the kits from:"

Korg MS-20 & Alesis HR-16

YouTube via deused
"Here is a song i've made.
Everything Korg MS-20 except drums, Alesis HR-16.
I've controlled my MS-20 with a Midi to CV converter from Doepfer (mcv4).
Recorded in Logic Pro.
note, this is not a live performance, everything is pre-recorded
More info about the Korg MS-20 website soon! its coming! (really now!)"

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