blofeld teil achtzehn

YouTube via thegoacyst
"can you make your blofeld do this? waves, combfilter, i need more !?"

blofeld teil siebzehn

"i just can't help myself :-). what can you do with a patch named Assi_D_1 ? note that everything you hear is the blofeld and only the blofeld!"

Kraftzwerg in a box

YouTube via popitem
"This is my recently acquired MFB Kraftzwerg (laptop) , i made this non destructive box mod in order that it fits into my studio config. Very nice synth, lots of fun experimenting with it."

Myrtle & Knickerbocker

Myrtle & Knickerbocker from pyrolator on Vimeo.
via Pyrolator in the comments of this previous Brontologic video.
"Video made in Brooklyn on Knickerbocker Ave.
Music made with the software "brontologik4" for the monome 256 (written in Max/Msp) using different synthesizers in Ableton Live. (collision, drumrack etc.)
more informations: (software) (hardware)"

Rhythm Boxes

You can find some images of various RIDDIM Boxes on G_Blog.

ELKA Rhythm-machine pictured


Thompson Twins Love On Your Side

YouTube via GarethAlanWillmer. SCI Prophet-5 and Prophet-T8 minus keys. The Prophet T8 is what you see at :10 with a computer keyboard. I'm curious if the keyboard was a prop or actually functional. If anyone knows feel free to comment.


YouTube via industrial82. Yamaha CS01 and Moog The Rogue.
"Recorded on Saturday morning TV.
HQ button on the right of the video controls on bottom.

The original vid:
OMD - Telegraph

YouTube via ALK797


YouTube via industrial82. Some synth spotting. Fischerspooner before Fischerspooner.
"Recorded on the Tube
Features the gorgeous LA Richards on backing vocals"
Ultravox's Billy Currie on synths

Orange Peel (Reuben Wilson) - Nord C1 Hammond B-3 Clonewheel Organ Clavia

YouTube via rounder2u. Nice bass.
"Here is my arrangement of 'Orange Peel'.
This organ funk song comes from the great organist Reuben Wilson's record 'Blue Mode', released in 1969.

The song is built upon a syncopated bassline keeping the groove in C at all times, and to that a 4 bar melody riff/melody phrase is added. The melody phrase is played by a saxophone on the original recording. I play the melody phrase chorded, first after the bass line intro, then after the first solo chorus and during the ending. The rest of the song is filled up with riffs of my own, and I will also take the blame for the repeated one note right hand Intro and the one note right hand Outro :-)

The organ is a Clavia Nord C1 - a Hammond B-3 clonewheel organ.

Nord C1 Registrations and Settings:
Upper 88 0800 000. No Vibrato/Chorus. Percussion On, Soft, Fast, Second.
Lower 08 8000 000.
Leslie simulator Slow position.
Equalizer Bass +3dB, Mid 0dB, Treble 0dB.
Overdrive not used.
Reverb Hall, Soft, 50%.
Tonewheel mode Vintage 2 (high level of tonewheel crosstalk and cable leakage artefacts).

The sound is recorded line out from the organ. No additional external effects, external amplifiers or speakers are used."

Dual Commodores C64 running Mssiah and Cynthcart

YouTube via kilobyte242
"check out"

Commodore 64 running Cynthcart Demo

"wait for 2nd take."

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