three atari punk console's at the same time

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circuit bent darth vader voice changer

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"casio mt-140, 3 aaaaappppppppccccccccc's, and my home made pedal"

DIGItonium-Virus TI vs XS8

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"Virus TI and XS8 unite! Here's another improvised short song adventure demoing some sounds I've created using the Virus with the XS8 keeping it company. Both keyboards can control each other via MIDI, so the XS8 sequencer can send up to 16 channels of data to the Virus in sequencer mode. In this demo, only a single Virus channel (16) is used in song/pattern mode from the XS8.

Akon - Right Now
XS8: Pads and Arpeggio
vTI: Lead (Preset)

Leona Lewis - Better In Time
XS8: Drums, strings, and piano.
vTI: Bass (Preset)

George Michael - Careless Whisper
XS8: Electric Piano
vTI: Lead (Emulating an SH-201 Preset)

Journey - Don't Stop Believin'
XS8: Grand Piano
vTI: Bass (Preset)

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
XS8: Bass and Drums (Pattern Mode)
vTI: Emulating Hypersaw synth string from Eurythmics.

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence (Demonstrates XS8 Pattern Mode)
XS8: Everything except Channel 16
vTI: Emulate synth bass with filter LFO from Depeche Mode (Channel 16).

Asia - Heat of the Moment
XS8: Demo 2Hand distorted guitar

The Animals - House of Rising Sun
XS8: Demo electric guitar"

Russ from Electric Contracdiction on the Rolands

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"808s and Russ "

Smule: An Introduction to the iPhone Ocarina app

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"This is an introduction to the basic features of the Smule Ocarina.
It should get you going on blowing, holding, and playing the instrument as well as show you how to access the globe where you can see and hear other people around the world who are playing."
You can find Ocarina here:

KORG Poly 800 Programmable Synthesizer

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" * Full polyphonic capabilities from 8 separately articulated voices
* Eight digital-controlled oscillators for outstanding pitch stability
* Double playing mode for rich, complex layers from pairing of two different oscillators and envelope generators per voice. "Whole" mode provides full 8-note playing capability.
* 64 different programs, excellent retro sounds a-plenty including warm Stereo Chorus
* Built-in poly sequencer stores and performs up to 256 notes. Start them, stop them, and remotely clock via standard MIDI signals
* MIDI allows Poly 800 to be linked with other MIDI keyboards/equipment
* Digital Access Control of program parameters for creation and editing in detail for your own sounds.
* Download your program and sequencer data to a tape for storage in seconds; reload default parameters using the included preset original data tape
* Noise generator adds "breathy wash" for more realistic retro instrument sound and for use in many special effects
* Lightweight, with strap buttons to allow for live performance on the move as a "Keytar"

With original accessories including Korg POWER SUPPLY; DATA TAPE of preset program and sequence data (I'll include the cord I've always used to load data to/from the unit); OPERATING MANUAL with printout of preload PROGRAM LIST and parameters, allowing you to see sub-settings for gentle tweaking. The ONLY thing missing on this unit is the little battery door cover. This poses no problem. I simply created my own from a piece of plastic secured with plastic tape and never had a problem."

Korg Poly-61M

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"The Korg Poly-61 was released in 1982 as the successor to the Polysix. It was somewhat of a step up from the Polysix, as it has 2 DCOs for better reliability. It also retained the arpeggiator of the Polysix. It has a very dirty sharp sound much like the Yamaha DX7. This is good if you are into the lo-fi sound of electronica. The Poly-61 can provide cool gritty basses or trippy analog sounds and fx.

Also added is the familiar Korg joystick, which can be used to modulate the VCO or the VCF. However, its filter only has 7 steps of resonance and is not as fat as the Polysix's filter. It also uses the same method of programming the Poly-800 and Yamaha DX-7 use, so it's not a very useful synth for real-time-tweaking junkies. The first Poly-61s didn't have MIDI, but the Poly-61M released in 1984 corrects this."

Circuit Bent Nintendo NES Synth Drums Cartridge

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"This is a genuine cartridge for use in the old original or new clone NES systems. Create true 8 bit percussion synth from the real Nintendo NES using the controllers... These carts are not for "NES cartridge collectors" who are seeking only an aesthetic value. These carts are for musicians who are into chip music, lo-fi electronic music, circuit bent music, etc...

If you are a musician who is into chip music, circuit bending, Lo-Fi, electronic, etc. then this is for you.

You can use the original NES gamepad controllers, as well as the new 3rd party controllers made for NES, or the Yobo and Generation Nex clones.

Each button on controller #1 produces a different 8 bit percussion sound. It's like having an 8 piece synth drum kit that you play with the NES controller.

Controller #1 produces percussion sounds when each button is pressed, controller #2 creates a pulsing/loop effect which can be applied to any of the percussion sounds produced by controller #1.

Just pop in the cart and plug into an amp using an RCA to 1/4" audio jack adapter, or just plug right into your TV's RCA audio input for sound.

*Please not the cartridge is actually gray. I am using recycled original cartridge cases.

Here is a video which demonstrates the sounds of the Super Synth Drums cartridge using a Yobo clone NES system. NES Clone with Super Synth Drums Cartrdige

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"I'm using the Yobo NES clone system along with the Super Synth Drums Cartridge. Using only the gamepad controllers o create true 8 bit NES percussion."


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The Kraftzwerg from MFB and More via Davide

via Davide: "The Kraftzwerg from MFB, a pre-patched but completely re-patchable mono analog beast (3 osc, a beautiful double LFO and a very nice sounding 24db VCF). The Kraftzwerg is REALLY the assembly of the modules from MFB so you are not going to loose any of the modulation possibilities.

The beautifully cheap Eurorack cabinet (or better… naked rails and cheeks!) from MFB (with power supply and midi to cv interface) and some intriguing doepfer modules.

A-118 Noise/Random, a beautiful kaos generator. There is a variable rate random voltage suitable for modulating anything in a non predictable but smooth way. Oh, and a couple of audio noise output.

A-132 Double VCA. I’m gonna use this.

A-124 WASP filter. Very nice sounding cheap filter. I bought this to have an High Pass and Band Pass to complement the very good LPF of the Kraftzwerg.

A189-1 Voltage controllable BIT CRUNCHER / MODIFIER. The name says it all. I read on some forums that this unit DOES NOT SOUND NICE. What the hell!!!!! There should be really dumb people out there.. Hook up a couple of CV to affect sample rate and bitcrushing… Instant mayhem.

A-180 MULTIPLES. It goes without saying… the most beautiful sounding of ‘em all. Gh-gh-gh!"

"The synth under the cat is a pretty rare 12DCO Italian polysynth from the eighties [Solton Project 100]…. The cat is Pallina (little ball).

That’s my Xmas Studio!"

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