Doepfer A-137-2 Wave Multiplier II Demo

"The module uses comparators to generate four phase-shifted copies of the incoming signal to provide a robust, multi-oscillator type sound. Think 'super-saw' without any of the phase cancellation issues usually associated with mixing multiple VCOs."

Demos on navs.modular.lab

Elby Design Interview on VICMOD

"The man behind Elby Designs is Laurie Biddulph. If you are interested in building synths from scratch Elby Design have heaps for you to choose from. If want to add to your euro modular system take a look at the Panther Series. If you want build a complete modular look at an ASM2. The list of things to build are huge. I took my soldering iron and PCB and chatted to Laurie."

You can find the full interview on VICMOD here.

close up der Woche #52/08 -Korg SQ-10

via Aliens Project

You can find more here.

Overdubbing Z3000 voices

Overdubbing Z3000 voices from GM on Vimeo.
"All the sounds including the drum sounds were made using three Z3000 by overdubbing. The pad sound toward the end was generated by a roland JX3P and was process in the modular using the Z5000."

KORG R3 - synthesizer terror

YouTube via hima7voltus

above - ground connection

YouTube via vonhaulshoven

AudioCubes FL Studio Tutorial by Spyro

YouTube via Percussa
"We just got an email from Spyro who lives in Venezuela and is a heavy FL Studio User. His real name is Mat and he did a video tutorial on using AudioCubes with FL Studio. Check it out!

Also, Watch the blog at - Spyro made a package of FL Studio examples for AudioCubes which well be posting in the next weeks.

Real Name: Matias Monteagudo
Akas: Spyro, Montéz, Tony Alpha
web: (website) / (VST plugins development)

Graduate as Bachelor in Music under composition area at the IUDEM, Caracas. Spyro has worked in areas such as movies, short films, TV spots, documentaries, theater, art exhibitions, plain gigs and fashion shows

His recent works includes the soundtrack and sound design for Plan B (a local action movie) Also 2D Animation and music/effects for the Prolapio series of humour shortfilms, and around 200 TV spots for clients including Toyota, Ford, Schick, Coca-Cola, SubWay, Kraft, Movistar, Bayer, Glade, Pfizer, Energizer and Kosiuko.

In 2005 after his participation in the Red Bull Music Academy on Seattle, Spyro is very proud to release a 5 Songs EP called Biodegradable with the label Yoruba Records, owned by his fellow friend, great musician and master DJ, Mr. Osunlade

Spyro also spend a lot of time making VST plug-ins for his brand called KlangLabs, his most known plug-ins are Vokko a stereo vocoder, StompBud a virtual body sounds sample player, and BackMan a realtime in-sync backwards audio processor."

corso musica elettronica

YouTube via IITMRoma. Note there are 20 videos in this set. Forward through them if you don't see what you like up front. Don't miss the modular in vid 12 on.

Circuit bent WSG Exposed Board, Hands on Live bending box By SkinSink

YouTube via BentElectronics
"This is a Weird Sound Generator ( Built with a custom Etched Circuit Board from

I built this one with the circuit board exposed to allow for Hands on Live Bending,..

See all My Ebay Listings"

Creepy (e=a) Audio Test

YouTube via nakile
"I have absolutely no musical skills at all, so don't say I didn't warn you...

This is nothing more than me messing around with a software synthesizer. Pretty much all I did was take a few built in metallic sounds and set the ADSR envelopes so that the release was about a minute long. In other words, when I hit a key, the sound would continue play for a whole minute after I took my finger off the key. About two minutes in I started to run out of polyphony, so that's when I decided to end it."

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