YouTube via denha. "his is unfinished."
MFB Synth Lite II and Clavia Nord Lead 3

The Analog Session - N5 From Outer Space

YouTube via mauriziodami. follow-up to this post.
"The second video-clip of The Analog Session, featuring Alexander Robotnick & Ludus Pinsky. The whole work will be released in October by This Is Music LTD"

GSi ShakePad

"ShakePad is a virtual multi-effect unit intended for real time sound manipulation via an X/Y pad. It includes 50 different high quality effect algorithms with full stereo operation. Summary of main features:

* 50 high quality stereo effects
* X/Y Pad for multiple functions
* Adjustable release time from 0 to 10 seconds with variable rest point
* HOLD button
* Dry/Wet slider
* Real time parameter display
* Host Automation
* Easy MIDI Learn

ShakePad is available as VST for Windows and OSX and as AU for OSX for an introductory shareware fee of 21 euros until August 31st. Feel free to download, install and shake it a bit! And don't forget the most interesting part:
HAVE FUN! ;-)"

be sure to see Genuine Soundware for more.

miniSoftMusic Symetrizer and UniRetroPro

Symetrizer is a additive synthesizer with resynthese function and analog style filters

- Flexible resynthese function
- Option for classic additive synthese
- Spectrum generator
- 2 XY-Pads , with this you can use the synthi as a drummsequenzer
- 2 Multimode analog style filter
- 3 Envelopes
- 3 LFOS , the second can take the waveform from resynthesized material
- FX-Section with 3 step EQ , Chorus and Delay
- Costs 40 €"

I tried to reach the best sound quality.Trie it yourself , how close i reached my target!

- 3 oscillators with "analoge"( sine,saw-a,saw-b,triangle,square-a,square-b) and additive(full editable) waveforms with PM,FM,AM
- Noise generator, ring modulator
- 3 envelopes
- 2 LFO ( sine,saw,triangle,square)
- S/H module with 2 enterance and 3 speed modi
- 2 multimodes filter with self oscillation (24LP * 3 , 18LP * 2, 12LP * 2 , 12BP , 12 HP)
- 4 step sequenzer with 4 pattern a 32 steps (for trigger,note gate hold and modulation) , the pattern have free assign midi controller
- Flexible distortion effect
- Phaser/flanger
- Chorus
- Multi delay
-8 voice polyphonic mode
- Full customizable GUI.You can change all colors and save your color shema it in the presets
- 114 presets + 11 from website (9 audio sample, 2 GUI sample)
- VST-Plugin and Windows(exe) version available. You will get both!
- Costs 40 €"

Be sure to see their site for more including some free software.

Annoying Synth Neighbor Episode 2

YouTube via electriceyeLLC. Part 1 here. Spot the synths. NSFW bit at :45
"Here it is.
Episode 2.
Leave a comment if you like it please. "

Flytrap Gear

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"Pictures for"

from the website: "What does is do? It’s an effects pedal, typically used with guitars, that changes the sound in interesting ways. However, it can be used with all kinds of instruments, such as synthesizers, computers and other music and recording gear."

You'll find more info including samples on site.

Cynthia VC Tabla + Serge SQP

YouTube via hexenduction
"This is the VC Tabla module by Cynthia and the Serge SQP by Sound Transform Systems. The sequencer is controlling various parts of the Creature and Gator M-odules. The LAYA output from the VC Tabla is clocking the SQP and stage inputs are being selected from the PDIV and Boolean Logic gates from the Gator. 2 of the Malekko Echo Bright 600 pedals are being used for delay."

Spectralis Advanced - Filterbank Grooves

"Lektion 1
Rauschen in die Filterbank einspeisen und den Klang der Rauschspektren erleben."

Crunchgear Review: Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW

YouTube via ivanberes
"Crunchgear Review: Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW"

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