Toast To Bob and Moogerfooger CP-251

flickr by brotherloco
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Minomoog Voyager OS
Alesis Andromeda A6 in middle shot as well.

Improved Angry Electrosonic Pumpkin - For Sale On Etsy

YouTube via ChrisLody
"Now with bigger brighter flashing eyes!

This is a light sensitive noise maker built into a pumpkin for sale here:

He has flashing eyes , 4 photo sensors for controlling the sound and a built in speaker. It runs off a single 9v battery."

Orla DSE 24 (DSE24) Expander vintage Midi Synthesizer

via this auction

Googlish translation of auction details: "Orla DSE vintage 24 (DSE24) expander MIDI synthesizer (baugl. Bohm)

Great device with extensive possibilities for sound design. Bubbling, hissing noise, vibration, ... 4 oscillators. With a manual and a brochure will be presented in the device. It is similar to the dynamics of Bohm 12/24 and includes all the extensions. Flawless function and very good condition! Without power cord, it is the usual rubber connector."

SIMMONS rare SDSV bass drum KICK synth module SDS5

via this auction

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You can check out the SDSV in this vid.

Summer in Detroit

YouTube via darenager. KORG EMX.
You might remember this live mix from way back in 2007.
It is now available on iTunes:
Daren Ager
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YouTube via exhadley. "Sketch to a song maybe..."

Treat Yourself :)