Oberheim OB-Mx CEM3374

images for this auction

CEM3374 and empty case

Note the auction is for a 2-voice expansion board only, not the case.

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etwas Modulargedudel…

via Aliens Project:
"An einem Sonntag findet man auch mal wieder etwas Zeit, um ein völlig sinnloses “Irgendwas” am Modularsystem zu patchen. Viel Spaß beim Anhören:"

"On a Sunday you can find a little time once again to a completely senseless "Something" on the modular system to patch. Have fun listening to:" [Original link / Googlish link]

"For my Sunday Modular Gedudel were the dotcom and the PPG-300 modular synthesizer used. The analog strings came from Solina string ensemble and the beats of an old Roland CR-78, including the master clock (trigger) gifts.

As the effects came Jomox T-Resonator for the CR-78 Drums and a Monacor REV-25 for the PPG-300 is used. The strings were stopped by PPG Voltage Controlled modifier and a DC-50 Roland chorus skillfully. "

Raymond Scott Centennial Vinyl Figurine & CD Set

Available at

via Boing Boing, via Jeff of in the comments of this post.

Note Press Pop also make the Bob Moog doll.

The small keyboard is Raymond Scott's Clavixox. The larger instrument is Raymond Scott's Electronium, video of it directly below (previously here).

Raymond Scott's Electronium

YouTube via DrRek
"As it remains in non working order in the Basement of Mark Motherbaugh's Mutato Music Offices in Hollywood, CA courtesy of's circuit bending documentary"
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bent consola

YouTube via comemelinhos. "my first video game bent... korg kaoss sound"


YouTube via aqi
"KORG DS-10ウェブサイト用デモソングです。
KORG DS-10 on Ebay
KORG DS-10 on Amazon

Synthesizer Korg 770

YouTube via mouwaap. Audio is not the greatest on this one, but it should give you a feel for it's size, interface, and some of it's tonal character.

Korg Legacy Collection Analog Edition Polysix

YouTube via bulksagara

Korg legacy collection Mono/Poly

Korg Legacy Collection Mono/Poly X-MOD

Korg Legacy Collection Mono/Poly VCO

邦題 愛しのCANDY ダルファー ♪

YouTube via PXE02321

Korg Poly 800 + Roland TR-707 Demo /// Walking Home

YouTube via nekrobot
"Title: Walking Home

Bass, Strings, Lead = Korg Poly 800
Drums = Roland Tr-707 (Samples)

Demo i made for an auction a while ago."

SCI Prophet VS + Roland Juno-60 + TR-808 "Mystic Island"

YouTube via retrosound72
"vintage synth demo track by RetroSound

"Mystic Island"

-inspired by early John Carpenter soundtracks-

high strings and storm fx: SCI Prophet VS
dark strings: Roland Juno-60
drums: Roland TR-808

direct recorded, no playback

more info: and"

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