Vintage Serge Modular Synth Catalog, Flyer and Manual

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"Vintage Serge Catalog, Glossy Flyer and Rich Gold Bound Manual. This is an original printed manual from Sound Transform Systems from the "Oakland Years". The Flyer is original from when Serge ran the company on Haight Street and the manual is a prinited copy by me professionally bound with clear plastic cover and black plastic back cover. The catalog has some VERY cool information on many older modules including descriptions and drawings. Some nice items for the Serge fan!"

Moog Satellite Vintage Synthesizer

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"It's a successor to the Minitmoog and is a monophonic synthesizer with presets which can be changed with filter, modulation, LFO, and envelope."

1970s MOOG SATELITE Registration Guide and Patch Sheets

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"This is an original 58 page foldout Registration Guide for the Moog Satelite Synthesizer.

Contains: A Quick-set tabs diagram for each sound/instrument and a Slide Control panel diagram for each sound/instrument.

A one page intro in the beginning of the guide and a two page Table of Contents with a 58 page reference (51 to 58 is for your own creative registrations.

The size is 3 1/2 inches by 7 1/4 inches"

Bizune - Akai Miniak Software Editor

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"Minizune Editor
The essential software editor and VSTi integrator for the Akai Miniak Synthesizer. Edit your Miniak in the standalone application or a VST Host and use the MIDI Learn feature to assign parameters to a controller with ease.

Miniak Groove-Mod
Providing unprecedented control of the Miniak's Rhythm Mode, the Groove-Mod transforms the Miniak into a virtual analog drum machine that surpasses the most expensive groove-boxes available. You can now step sequence drum patterns with velocity control, mix your tracks with the sliders, mute and un-mute drum voices and record your grooves into the Miniak's sequencer for standalone playback. In addition to the drum voices, four reversible modulation sequencers can be programmed for amazing morphing beats."

Moog Taurus I Analog Synthesizer Pedals

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"The small plastic cover for the variable settings is missing."

More Hammond Novachord Demos at Hollow Sun

"When you listen to this, bear in mind that what you are hearing is a 70 year old polyphonic synthesiser made of valves (163 of them!), over a thousand capacitors and miles of hand soldered wiring - sounds from a time when television, movies, audio recording, computers, aeroplanes, etc., were in their early infancy ... a world viewed in black and white before (with some notable exceptions) colour film and movies, an age before the tape recorder, stereo, a time when a refrigerator cost more than an automobile (and represented 2/3s of annual salary), a time before commercial air travel, the jet engine, nuclear fission, the space age and, of course, WWII. A time of innocence and wonder and hope for the future."

patchcord mix

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"live mix sessions at the patchcord studio.
oldscool synthesizers and drum machines connected the oldscool way.
hardware for ever!"

"Tags: acid techno electro house music synths drummachines roland tr tb sh mc 101 202 303 606 707 808 909 oberheim korg ms 10 sequencial circuits prophet 600 matrix 12 ppg wave 2.3 elka synthex synton fenix moog patchcord patch cord adams robotrock vocoder"

This is a video response to:

Moritz Synth Jam #2

YouTube via matrixsynth. No that's not me. "Moritz gives us his all."

CUCKOO Live with Chipsounds plugin #2

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"CUCKOO here again performing live with the Chipsounds plugin by Plogue. This live version of Lady Cheri is performed with Chipsounds as the sound source, and Ableton Live 8 Looper, controlled with the Evolution e-keys and nanoKONTROL.

CUCKOO is soon releasing his first album. Keep an eye out for it in the beginning of 2010. Lady Cheri might make it as a single :)

More on CUCKOO:

More on Plogue Chipsounds:"

YouTube via ShermanFilters. "Sherman Rodec Restyler processes beat"

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