Moog Launches Twitter Channel

"Check it out. We’ll be sending 'Twitter Updates' from Frankfurt throughout the Musikmesse. April 1 - 4 2009

Moving forward, this popular tool will be used to keep Moog fans up-to-date on the latest happenings at the Moog Factory and beyond.

Subscribe to our Twitter Channel and learn what's happening in the Moog world RIGHT NOW."

AudioCubes from Belgium become international success

"Bert Schiettecatte nominated for Qwartz award in Paris

From the 2nd to the 4th of April the 5th edition of the Qwartz awards take place in Paris, a prestigious festival in which the International Electronic Music Awards are handed out. Nothing special you would say, except that this year someone from Belgium is about to get one of the most important awards in the festival.

In 2002 Bert Schiettecatte graduates at Stanford University in the US, and returns to Belgium with his Master's degree in arts, music and technology, from the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA).

Driven by the possibilities of music technology, Bert starts a company in 2004, called Percussa, and starts developing AudioCubes, supported by the Flemish IWT and Innovatiecentrum.

'The AudioCubes are a modular live performance instrument. The cubes let you make music and shape sound through novel hands-on interaction with wireless objects. AudioCubes offer new ways to interact with your existing audio software, beyond what is possible with classic knob boxes and trigger pads. There is no limit to the number of cubes you can use. Each cube can be assigned a behaviour and colour. The AudioCubes are a very visual and immediate interface to work with music software on your computer. High-speed, high-resolution, better-than-MIDI sensor technology makes sure even the most subtle performance gestures are captured.' , says Bert Schiettecatte (30), designer and inventor of AudioCubes.

The AudioCubes are a success. Well known artists such as Pragha Khan, Richard Devine, Test Shot Starfish, ... are using the cubes. To bring a new concept or product to the market requires a lot of energy and dedication. To be nominated for the Qwartz Award is a great honour and confirmation that the cubes are truly regarded as a revolutionary innovation by the electronic music community.

The Qwartz Awards are awarded on a yearly basis in Paris to artists and producers who have rendered a significant contribution in the development of contemporary electronic music or work. There are different categories, the AudioCubes were nominated in the category Max Mathews, the category that rewards technology innovations. In total there are 995 artists who are participating, from 40 different countries. Through the website, over 1 million visitors have voted for the awards. In the professional jury and the committee for protection of the awards, some famous people are present, such as Bjork, Pierre Henri and Prinses Lea. The awards take place on the 3rd of April.

AudioCubes are available in a set of 1, 2, 4 or 8 cubes and come with 2 years of warranty, manuals, and technical support. They work on Mac and Windows platforms."

Custom Sequential Circuits Pro-One Black & White Case

more images at synthwood

via Scott Metzger:
"CustomSynth supplied the front and back decals. This Pro One used to be owned by Bill Leebs of Front Line Assembly. It was in horrible cosmetic condition, but sounded great. Stephen of Synthwood spent a ton of extra time getting this looking pretty for me. One of my favorite Mono synths!"


YouTube via andrewjnorthrop
"An advert me and friends made for the MicroKorg product by Korg as part of our Fda in Video Production.

Alternative upload at Vimeo:

MicroKorg Advertisement from Andrew Northrop on Vimeo.

Music: "Seventeen Years" by Ratatatt

MADE BY: Andrew Northrop, Barnaby Bryant and Tony Weinstock."

McDonalds Filet O' Fish talking fish is a Casio SK-1

YouTube via frostedminipete
"Please tell me I'm not the only person who noticed this...
It's the "pops" rhythm setting with chords in the key of A."

Sequentix P3 Noodles by WilyEPeyote


YouTube via WilyEPeyote. Sequentix P3, KORG Radias, ESX-1, EMX-1, KP3, and more.
"Ropey performance and even ropier editing - will try to improve on this, honest. Gonna try taping the camcorder to my forehead next and see what that looks like..."

I Forget

"Noodling on the P3.
Just got a new tiny camcorder thing, no idea about syncing my recordings with images yet though... wil get myself some kind of editing software sometime, somehow totally failing to do what I want in Ableton..."

Pacific Trash Vortex

"P3 noodle, quite fast for me"

Talking in space

"Another P3 noodle, what can I tell ya? :)"

Seiko DS-202 Update

More info on the Seiko DS-202 is up in this post courtesy of Qwave.

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 2

via this auction
"The iconic Sequential CIrcuits Prophet 5 Rev 2! I just got this back from Greg Montalbano of He came highly recomended from many Prophet 5 owners (prefered by many to Wine Country Sequential). He did a great job. Here's what what was done:

- Replaced bypass caps with high-temp electrolytics, clean
key contacts, tune & scale DAC, ADC, power supply, oscillators,
- Replace bad memory protect switch, dead RAM (U303), U318, U320.
- Replaced Bad Voice 5 VCF chip (SSM2040)
- Added Cassette Interface (for uploading, downloading and saving patches)"

Oomingmak v1.0.0 released - Resynthesis

"Oomingmak, a new plug-in for Mac OS X (AU/VST) and Windows (VST). Oomingmak is a pitch- and envelope-tracking (re)synthesis effect. Or, to put it another way, if you feed a sound source (e.g. a guitar) into Oomingmak it will come out sounding like you're playing an analogue monosynth. Or maybe something else entirely." More info including a discount at Expert Sleepers here.

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