LudoWic - A Green Painted Garden (ft. Tom Broshuis)

Published on Mar 22, 2017 ludoWic music - previous posts

[Gear spotting: Trautonium, and white YuSynth DIY modulars, Ekdahl Moisturizer, Minimoog, KORS MS synths, Aka MPC 2000XL]

LudoWic - 'A Green Painted Garden' (feat. Tom Broshuis)
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KarnEvil 9 sequence and some vintage Moog drums...

Published on Mar 21, 2017 noddyspuncture

"Messing around with ELP's KE9 end sequence - I decided to add some drums with my vintage Moog drum modules..." Q960 & vintage Moog Minimoog Model D as well.

Synthesizer.Com Studio 44 2016 Walnut

via this auction

" Studio 44 Synthesizer System. (Actually it should be a Studio 45 because it has a Q162 Filter mixer that isn't included in the Studio 44). This setup includes 6 oscillators, state-variable filter, utility modules, instrument interface, pedal interface, all cables, and much more. It was purchased last August and functions perfectly."

Atomic Shadow's Command Center

I just started watching Lost again. An interesting side note is that JJ Abrams is into synths. It's too bad he didn't add any synth related easter eggs in the show.

via @AtomicShadow

"After two days of work, the Command Center is back in operation."

Modular improvisation

Published on Mar 7, 2017 therudyrude

"Trying out some new modules.
Sds Reflex liveloop,Verbos complex osc and tone amplitude
Dotcom Q179 cv enveloppe,quantizer aid, lfo++
Elektron analog heat as wave folder
Moon modular Quad row sequencer
Almost dawless as I used Live as master clock and multi-track recorder." Box 11 System

via this auction

"This is a powerful, Box11 based MU format analog modular synthesizer. Featuring two lovely sounding voltage-controlled oscillators, an 8-channel mixer (can be used as 2 x 4) four separate WIDE range LFO's, and a gorgeous sounding "Moog" transistor ladder filter (2/4 pole switchable).

Includes a bunch of patch cables. This system is like new, studio use only. There are a System with Racked Moog Voyager RME

via this auction

Note the Voyage RME is not included in the listing, but available. Kind of cool looking; you would definitely want the CV expander with it.

"For your consideration, A modular system. Housed in a custom built cabinet (at least for display purposes), 3 tiers x 16 spaces each tier. Top tier is half filled with modules. The module inventory is as follows:


Q130 Clipper / Rectifier Demo - Part 1

Published on Feb 24, 2017 Lower West Side Studio

"Scoping out the Q130 Clipper / Rectifier Module" Box-22 Analog Modular System

via this auction

"This auctions is for 2 synthesizers... The cabinet is two box11s with 1 pair of walnut sides...

Modules include:

4 q106 oscillators

1 q125 signal processor

1 q113 8 channel mixer

1 q110 Noise

2 q109s envelope generator

1 q107 state variable filter

1 q 162 state variable mixer (aid module for the q107 filter)

The box 11 are fitted with 2 sets of multiples on the lower Modular System

via this auction

"Modules included (everything in photos): Q113 8 Channel Mixer, Q124 Multiple, Q171 Quantizer Bank, Q147 Distributor, Q125 Signal Processor, Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter, Q120 Connector Interface, Q115 Spring Reverb, Q103 DC power Interface, Q110 Noise, Q117 Sample and Hold, Q109 Envelope Generator x 2, Q107 State Variable Filter, Q 108 Amplifier x 2, Q111 Pan/Fade, Q138

Treat Yourself :)