Box11 MU Format Analog Synthesizer (Dotcom)

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"This is a powerful, Box11-based, MU format analog modular synthesizer, essentially based on the classic MiniMoog configuration. Featuring two lovely sounding voltage-controlled oscillators, an 8-channel mixer (can be used as 2 x 4) four separate WIDE range LFO's, and a gorgeous sounding transistor ladder filter (2/4 pole switchable), based on Bob Moog's 904A.

Includes a bunch

Four Oscillator PWM on a Synthesizer.Com 44 space system

Published on Apr 5, 2017 Meta Function

"In this video, Meta Function demonstrate pulse width modulation across four oscillators on a Synthesizers.Com 44 space system.

Sequenced via a Sequentix Cirklon.

Audio recorded via Calrec S2 console and SSL convertors. All dry, no FX, EQ or compression. The only post production performed was normalization.

Watch at 1080p with good quality audio

2016 Moog Model 15 With Keyboard

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"This sale includes the model 15, the keyboard, and a bunch of quarter inch cables and S – gate to quarter inch cables. sequencer is listed in another listing." Q173 Gate Math & Q131 Custom MATRIXSYNTH Panel!

A Q173 Gate Math arrived at my PMB today! It is the latest edition to my Box11 system - click through for some pics and an overview of the system, pre-Q173.

To my surprise, a custom MATRIXSYNTH branded Q131 panel was included! How cool is that?

Below you will also see the current product brochure, the Q173 manual, a business card which

Q108 VCA Patch Tips

Published on Mar 30, 2017

"Patch Tips for the Q108 Voltage Controlled Amplifier

For more information visit

Hosted by Roger Arrick of"

Moon 505 Filter Demo

Published on Mar 24, 2017 Rhythmicons

Sequencer 1 controlled Mode; Regen CV (x4)
Seq 2 controlled Cutoff Freq.
Gate to Envelope to Cutoff cv and VCA
Pink Noise to filter audio in

Modules Used: q960& q119 sequencers
Moslab Noise Filter
Moslab VCA
Moon 505 Multimode Filter
Moon 511d Dual Envelopes

Improv with new Odyssey

Published on Mar 23, 2017 therudyrude

"Improv in my small home studio. Live is clocking the system and is taking care of recording.Sequenced by : Beatstep Pro,Moon modular 569, Elektron AR,A4,Octa. Roland Sys8 going in Eventide H9.AR is is going in Analog Heat. Dotcom solo going in Xaoc Kamieniec.Bass by Korg Odyssey"

5U // - Q108 Amplifier VCA

Published on Mar 23, 2017 DiscoverNoise

"DiscoverNoise 085-
5U 019-

Demo of the Q108 amplifier (VCA) made by

Patchsheet: Q108:"

How To Create A Basic Patch On An Analog Modular Synthesizer

Published on Mar 23, 2017 TheDaydreamSound

With a modular system.

"How Modular Synthesizers Work

If you’re toying with the idea of experimenting with modular synthesizers but are intimidated by all of those wires, just know that it’s far simpler than it looks. In this video we’ll start with a basic patch to break the ice as and give a straightforward introduction to patching

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